Our first walk-through enclosure - the impressive African Aviary

We are pleased to have opened our first walkthrough enclosure with the development of a superb new African Aviary.

The aviary will house different species of iconic African birds such as the Helmeted Guinea Fowl and African Crowned Cranes. 

As part of our commitment to continue developing and updating existing enclosures and to enhance the visitor experience, we now also house an enclosure with a difference.  Visitors will be able to get closer than ever to some of Africa's most impressive birds, which also include the White Cheeked Turacos, Superb Starlings and Napolean Bishop Weavers, by experiencing uninterrupted views of these beautiful birds flying free overhead in Folly Farm's first walkthrough experience. 

African aviary wide shot

The enclosure will feature a pond as well as numerous plants to give the enclosure different levels of height, allowing the birds more freedom to stretch their wings and interact with other bird species.  The keepers have also made an impressive termite mound as part of the animals' enrichment which can dispense food for the birds such as meal worms which will encourage natural feeding behaviour.    

"This is an exciting development at the park, enabling guests to see these magnificent birds so closely, acting out their natural behaviours by building their nests above the pond and foraging for food on the ground - just as they would in the wild. " Kylie Abraham, our Bird Keeper enthuses.  

Tim Morphew, Zoo Curator at Folly Farm agrees, "It is an exciting time at the zoo with a number of ongoing developments.  We're not only bringing more new animals to the park but we are investing in improving existing enclosures.  The African Aviary will encourage natural behaviours in the birds and will allow us to bring in more bird species in the future, and the walkthrough aspect of the enclosure will give our visitors an interesting and fully immersive experience."