Our very own BFG (Big Friendly Giraffe)

Our gentle giant Zulu has been the centre of attention this week as newspapers across the UK printed stories about him possibly being one of the tallest giraffes in the UK.

Now it's very difficult to measure a giraffe, so Zulu's height has been estimated at around 19 feet. At 14 years old he's fully grown (they stop growing at around ten years old) and adult male giraffes typically measure between 15ft and 18ft. He towers above his other pals, Taharqa, Sillan and Rian. And his keepers!

Our giraffe keeper, Victoria Gittins, said: 

"He's really, very friendly. He's the tallest of our herd but he's a really chilled out giraffe. He just loves a stroke. He really is a big friendly giant."