Shiver me timbers - pirate ship has a jolly ol' makeover

Oooohh arrrghh...walk the plank on our new and improved pirate ship

Ahoy me hearties, one of our pirate ships has had a jolly ol' makeover - or should that be a 'Folly' ol' makeover?

All you lousy landlubbers and scoundrels can scrub the deck whilst setting sail on our new and improved Jolly Roger.

We have two life-sized pirate ships in our adventure play area for young scoundrels to explore but the Jolly Roger received a bit of TLC recently and is now ship shape and ready to take to the seas - complete with some new features including new cabins and tunnels, a new wheel and balancing planks to name a few. Captain Blackbeard would be shaking in his pirate boots!

Folly's very own captain, our managing director, Chris Ebsworth said:

"Our life-size Jolly Roger pirate ship has always been a popular addition to our adventure play area, but we felt it was time to give the ship an upgrade. Young swashbucklers can take to the helm, explore the cabins and really let their imaginations run wild. We're always looking at ways to improve existing attractions and enclosures to ensure we're always delivering the highest standard for our guests. We hope they enjoy this latest upgrade".