Rhino keepers gather to share knowledge

Last month one of our rhino keepers, Jack, travelled to Marwell Zoo in Hampshire for the Association of British Wild Animal Keepers (ABWAK) 2016 rhino keeper workshop. Full of enthusiastic and thirsty for knowledge keepers from all across the UK the workshop organised a number of talks, discussions and hands on activities all based around one special animal - the rhino.

So why did Jack go? Well, working with one of the world’s most critically endangered animals is not an easy task.  Specialised knowledge is needed and zoos are learning all the time. Information regarding rhino care, husbandry and welfare as well as the latest research and science must be current and up to date to our rhino team look after these incredible animals.

The latest training methods and enrichment ideas were also discussed. Enrichment is an important part of the work our zoo keepers do with our animals by keeping them busy, encouraging natural behaviour and engaging them in fun and challenging activities. 

Attending specialised workshops such as this allows Jack to not only gather current information but share that information with his peers to ensure that we give Nkosi and Manyara the best possible home with us at Folly Farm.