Batty for bats this Halloween?

What better way to celebrate this All Hallows’ Eve than taking a closer look at these iconic creatures and our colony of critically endangered Rodrigues fruit bats.

If you’re as batty for bats as we are, then here’s some interesting facts:

  • These particular bats are only found in one place; Rodrigues Island, Mauritius
  • Despite popular myth, bats are not actually blind. In fact, larger bats can see three times better than humans can
  • Bats can also use their sense of smell to find their food sources

Some more spooktacular facts about our bats:

  • The Rodrigues fruit bat is a sociable species that lives in large groups
  • When they eat fruit, they squeeze out the juices and soft pulp, rarely swallowing the harder parts
  • Rodrigues fruit bats are inactive for most of the day, hanging upside down, apparently asleep, with their wings folded around them

Our colony can be found in our Folly Interactive building, so next time you visit be sure to drop by…you’d be ghoulish not to!