A day just for sloths. Why not?

The #slothiestday is a day just for sloths. Quite right too!

Today is International Sloth Day, when the whole world celebrates these majestic, slow-moving, laid back creatures and the internet becomes a little more chilled! We're incredibly honoured to have not one, but two, of this super species, here at Folly Farm. Tuppee and his mate Blackcap share an enclosure in our Folly Interactive exhibit and are currently rocking the top of our animal adoption leaderboard. It seems you can't get enough of them! So here's a little video we made to raise awareness of sloths.

If you love sloths, then hop over to our Facebook page where we've got all kinds of slothy things going on throughout the day including interviews with our sloth keeper and some cracking sloth impressions!