A celebration of sloths and bats

As its international sloth day on October 20th and Halloween on the 31st we thought we’d have a double ‘whammy’ fortnight-long celebration of these two iconic creatures.

From the 21st – 27th October it’s all about our sloths then from the 28th October until the 5th November we’ll be going batty for our bats.  Join us inside Folly Interactive where you’ll find our pair of two-toed sloths Tuppee and Blackcap living side by side with our group of critically endangered Rodrigues fruit bats. It’s your opportunity to seek answers to all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask plus you can also enjoy some sloth and bat related activities in the form of games, competitions, raffles and craft; all the while helping us raise vital funds for our conservation partners.

Go on…hang around with us and have some fun.

Are you mad about sloths?  You can purchase a sloth adoption from Folly Farm – your sloth adoption will last for 12 months, and 10% of the profit will help raise money for our conservation partners. So you’ll feel pretty cool about giving this gift too.