Blue and yellow macaw

Also known as the blue and gold macaw it's one of the larger parrots that come from South America.

“Who’s a pretty boy then?”

With its striking colours it’s one of the most easily recognisable birds in the parrot family. There’s no mistaking a blue and yellow macaw thanks to its blue wings and tail, dark blue chin, golden under parts and a green forehead.

They can be found in Venezuela and south to Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. They are also found in central America but only in Panama.

Macaws make popular pets because of the way they look and the fact they bond closely with their owners.

Blue and yellow macaw questions and answers

Where do macaws like to live?
They prefer swampy tropical rainforests.

How many eggs does a macaw lay?
Usually between two and three.

Do they have any predators?
They certainly do – Harpy eagles, hawk eagles, orange crested falcons and humans.

Do parrots actually talk?
No parrots don’t actually talk but they are very good at copying sounds. They use a special organ called a syrinx. The different sounds are created by changing the shape of their trachea, or windpipe.

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