Curly hair tarantula

True to their name the Curly hair tarantula has hair that's, well, curly!

They have plump looking bodies and are covered in a dark brown to black hair.

If you look closely you’ll also see a bronze sheen to them too. This is due to a covering of longer golden hairs that cover the entire body. Males are often a lighter bronze colour than the females.

They can be found along the Atlantic side of Honduras, Nicaragua and north-eastern Costa Rica. They like to burrow and can be found in tropical scrubland at the base of large trees, near rivers or in patches of cleared rain forest.

Curly hair tarantula questions and answers

What does a tarantula like to eat?
Well, there’s nothing more satisfying to a curly hair tarantula than chomping on some insects and small vertebrates.

How long do tarantulas live?
Females can live up to ten years, but the male lifespan is considerably less.

How big do curly hair tarantulas grow?
Up to about 5 inches (12.5 cm)

Are they venomous?
All tarantulas are venomous but a curly hair tarantula’s venom isn’t very strong at all.

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