Six banded armadillo

This is one little character you don’t want to miss on your next visit.

The six banded armadillo can be found in the grasslands, open plains and rainforests of south America in and around Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.

Like us, the six banded armadillo is most active during the day and likes to sleep at night in shelters or dens underground. These burrows are dug by the armadillo using their powerful shovel-like claws.

Unfortunately, they have poor eyesight so any hunting they do is by sense of smell alone.

Six banded armadillo questions and answers

What’s their armour made of?
It’s actually made of keratin.

Are they hunted?
They are. For their shell and their meat and because farmers view them as a pest.

What do they eat?
Well, they’re omnivores, so that means they can eat plants and animals such as insects, ants, palm nuts and fruits.

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