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Our ‘adopt a lemur’ packages make the perfect gift with a one-off payment.


Bronze adoption gift pack – £35

Includes adoption certificate, lemur fact sheet, lemur cuddly toy and presentation box

Silver adoption gift pack – £40

All the above plus the adopter’s name on a thank you board at the ring tailed lemur enclosure

Gold adoption gift pack – £55

All above plus a single day entry ticket to Folly Farm to see our lemurs

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Give the gift of a lemur adoption today.

Do you love lemurs, or do you know someone that does? Sponsor a ring tailed lemur at Folly Farm today! When you adopt a lemur you help us with our conservation programmes.  Adopt a ring tailed lemur now!

How do I adopt a lemur?

To adopt a lemur, just click buy now and choose if you’d like a bronze, silver or gold adoption package.  You can adopt a lemur for yourself or for someone special and we’ll also send a special gift message along with your ring tailed lemur toy in your adoption pack.

Your ring tailed lemur adoption will last for 12 months, and 10% of the profit will help raise money for our conservation partners. So you’ll feel pretty cool about giving this gift too.

Schools and group organisations can also purchase our adoption packages. Please call the office on 01834 812731 to make arrangements.

Fun facts about ring tailed lemurs

  • The ring tailed lemur’s tail is longer than its body!
  • Male ring tailed lemurs put smells, from glands in their bottoms, on their tail and wave it at rivals. It’s known as ‘stink fighting’!
  • The ring tailed lemur is used as a symbol for Madagascar and for endangered animals on the island, because it’s so well-known.
  • The ring tailed lemur is known as ‘maky’ in Malagasy, the language spoken on Madagascar.
  • The ring tailed lemur’s Latin name is ‘catta’ because of its cat-like looks.
  • King Julien, the most famous ring tailed lemur, likes to move it, move it!

Need to know

We only send our adoption packs to addresses with a UK postcode and the cost of postage is included in the price of an adoption.


As a personalised product, animal adoption packs are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and not for resale. If your gift pack arrives damaged, if there is a mistake on the adoption certificate or if the wrong item has been sent, then please email us photos and we’ll send a replacement item.

Our adoptions last 12 months and are for the species rather than a specific, named animal.

You can read our full animal adoption terms and conditions here.

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Lemur adoption

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Ring tailed lemur
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Ring tailed lemur

Loads of fun facts about ring-tailed lemurs like the fact King Julien is a ring tailed lemur!

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Lemur adoption reviews...

"A really nice present!"

Tom Legge, Tackley, 26 December 2023

"I got the lemur for my little girl and also to support you as we all love Folly Farm. My only criticism is that I wasn’t able to put her name on it only my own because I paid. It would be great if you could allow a child’s name on the adoption certificate. Otherwise lovely toy."

Signe Mansfield, Risca, 12 October 2020
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