Jolly Barn and Farm

Come along to the Jolly Barn, where even the smallest children can see some of our best-loved animals.

All aboard

The land train

Oink, oink!

Percy's Piggery

Down on the farm

Our farm animals

Watch live

Barn webcam

The Jolly Barn was once the farm’s dairy parlour, but now it’s a firm favourite with families. Part of our farm park, it’s the perfect place to introduce your little ones to farm animals for the first time.

Who’s in the Jolly Barn?

You’ll find almost every farm animal you can think of. From ferrets and fancy mice to miniature ponies, shire horses, donkeys and goats. They’re all in the Jolly Barn. And, of course, no farm would be complete without lambs, hens and chicks. You can also milk the cows – well our lifelike plastic models!

Children in the Jolly Barn

Over the road, there’s Percy’s Piggery plus llamas, alpacas and more goats and sheep in our rare breed paddocks. So we have plenty of space for lots of children to enjoy. They’ll also learn something, too – about how these animals live, and the rare breeds we keep.

And we look after hygiene too, with plenty of hand-washing facilities and regular cleaning of touchpoints. So you don’t have to worry.