Access for all

We want all our visitors to enjoy the very best experience we can offer, including visitors with accessibility needs.

Here are some of the ways we help to make your visit to us easier.

From our accessible toilets to a wheelchair friendly carriage on our big wheel, we’ll make sure your day is great. And we’re the proud winner of two Welsh Venue of the Year awards from disabled access review site Euan’s Guide.

Here’s our full access statement.

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Accessible Welsh Venue

We've been named Euan's Guide accessible Welsh Venue of the Year for the second year in a row

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Accessible toilet facilities

Accessible toilet facilities are located in key areas around the park. You can find them at Cwtch Coffee, the Jolly Barn, the Wallaby Ranch outdoor play area and inside our vintage fairground. They’re signposted on our blue signposts around park but you can also check out the locations before you visit by checking our park map.

Our ‘Changing Places’ toilet is located in the vintage fairground and this is a large room with a bed and a hoist.

We don’t currently have any toilet facilities through the underpass where you’ll find Percy’s Piggery, our rare breed paddocks or our land train ride so please bear this in mind and visit the Jolly Barn toilets before accessing the underpass.


We’ve done our very best to make Folly Farm wheelchair and mobility scooter friendly with landscaped paths and ramps. But, we are a rural attraction spread over 120 acres and you’ll probably want to cover the whole area to make the most of your visit. To help, we’ve added plenty of benches around the park for you to take a rest.

Accessible attractions

The vast majority of our rides and attractions are accessible for all and as we build new (and upgrade old) animal enclosures, we always consider wheelchair users and the ability to view our animals from a seated position with low windows and barriers wherever it’s safe to do so. Our Big Wheel ride has a disabled carriage which can accommodate a wheelchair as does our popular Land Train ride. Our staff will always try to help to provide access to our fairground rides the vast majority of which are accessible, but as these are vintage and built before modern regulations, this is not always possible. Our animal experiences are also accessible for wheelchair users with the exception of our sloth experience as they live at height. Our staff are happy to help so please just ask if you have a particular need!

Wheelchair and electric scooter hire

We’ve got a small number of non-motorised wheelchairs available for hire. There’s a £10 cash only deposit required and this is refundable on return of the wheelchair.

We’ve also got a small number of electric scooters available for hire. There’s a £20 daily hire charge plus a refundable cash only deposit of £30.

If you’d like to book a wheelchair or electric scooter for your visit, on a first come first served basis, you can do so by calling 01834 812731. All payments to be made on arrival at the park.


We’ve got plenty of dedicated parking spaces located near the park entrance. All our parking is free. If you wish to use these more accessible parking areas we do ask you to display a valid blue badge.

For any other accessibility enquiries please check our frequently asked questions section here or contact us, we’re happy to help.

Our Holiday Park

For details on accessibility related to our holiday park please visit our accommodation page Stay with us.

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Lodge with access

Our two bedroom lodges offers more internal living space and some access features

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