Adopt an animal

By adopting one of our zoo or farm animals you’re helping raise money for our conservation partners. Now that’s a great gift.

Our adopt an animal gift packages make the perfect present! With a one-off payment starting from £35 you can choose from our bronze, silver or gold adoption packages.

Just select the species you’d like to adopt from the list below to find out more!


Alpaca adoption

Crocodile adoption

donkey pair

Donkey adoption

pink flamingo

Flamingo adoption

Giraffe eating lucerne

Giraffe adoption

adopt a goat at Folly Farm

Goat adoption

Image of a group of ring tailed lemurs

Lemur adoption

Hugo the lion

Lion adoption

adopt a llama

Llama adoption

Meerkat at Folly Farm

Meerkat adoption

Barn owl at Folly Farm

Owl adoption

Penguin swimming

Penguin adoption

Piglet at Folly Farm pig

Pig adoption

adopt a red panda at Folly Farm

Red panda adoption

Christmas reindeer

Reindeer adoption

Rhino adoption

Adopt a sheep

Sheep adoption

A sloth hanging from a branch

Sloth adoption

thoughtful zebra

Zebra adoption