Adopt a Red Panda

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Our ‘adopt a red panda’ packages make the perfect gift with a one-off payment.


Bronze adoption gift pack – £35

Includes adoption certificate, red panda fact sheet, red panda cuddly toy and presentation box

Silver adoption gift pack – £40

All the above plus the adopter’s name on a thank you board at Asian Adventure

Gold adoption gift pack – £55

All above plus a single day entry ticket to Folly Farm to see our red pandas

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30 Reviews


Would you like to adopt a red panda?

Errr who wouldn’t? If red pandas make you go weak at the knees then now’s the chance to bag a red panda adoption!

How do I adopt a red panda?

To adopt a red panda just click buy now and choose if you’d like a bronze, silver or gold adoption. You can adopt for yourself or for someone special and we’ll also send a special gift message along with your cuddly red panda toy in your adoption pack.

Your red panda adoption will last 12 months, and 10% of the profits will help raise money for our conservation partners including Red Panda Network through which we sponsor a “Red Panda Guardian” ranger in Nepal to protect red pandas in the wild. So you can feel all ‘fuzzy’ inside about your wonderful gift.

Schools and group organisations can also purchase our adoption packages. Please call the office on 01834 812731 to make arrangements.

Interesting red panda facts

  • They were given the name ‘panda’ first; roughly fifty years before the black and white variety.
  • They have a false thumb (an extended wrist bone) which has developed over time to help them climb trees and eat bamboo.
  • They’re vegetarian carnivores. Wait! What? Yep, it’s true. That is because the word ‘carnivore’ doesn’t necessarily imply a meat-eater but can refer to their biological order. As they’re descended from carnivorous ancestors but rarely eat anything more than bamboo and a few insects they are classed as vegetarian carnivores. Go figure?!
  • Truly an animal of the cyber generation they have a web browser named after them and they tweet! The browser is Firefox (that’s a red panda in the logo) and they actually ‘tweet’ from their mouths. The sound they make is called ‘twittering’…but no 280 character limit here!

More fun facts about red pandas

These furry fuzzy family favourites are actually more closely related to racoons than the black and white giant pandas. Also known as the lesser panda, red bear-cat and red cat-bear they are found in the Eastern Himalayas and South-western China.

Read more about red pandas or see all of our animals for adoption.

Need to know

We only send our adoption packs to addresses with a UK postcode and the cost of postage is included in the price of an adoption.

As a personalised product, animal adoption packs are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and not for resale. If your gift pack arrives damaged, if there is a mistake on the adoption certificate or if the wrong item has been sent, then please email us photos and we’ll send a replacement item.

Our adoptions last 12 months and are for the species rather than a specific, named animal.

You can read our full animal adoption terms and conditions here.

Adopt a red panda at Folly Farm
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Adopt a red panda

Love red pandas? Well don't be shy about it...get your red panda adoption gift pack today

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Red panda adoption reviews...

"Impressed with speed at which it arrived, lovely packaging and the little panda was adorable. Highly recommend."

Susan Johnson-Haigh, Bradford, 05 March 2024

"A brilliant adoption package with lovely information, certificate and cuddly toy. A Christmas present for my son which I’m sure he’s going to love. The fact we could get the ticket to visit included made this extra special too. Was delivered well packaged and very quickly too."

Daniela S, Surrey, 20 December 2023

"Excellent service as always , absolutely 100%. Astounded by speed of delivery, actually arriving approximately 20 hours after ordering. Many thanks."

David Rickards, Abertillery, 01 December 2023

"The soft toy looks great and the speed of the delivery was excellent."

Timothy Thomas, Bridgend, 28 November 2023

"Bought as part of Christmas present for 8 year old granddaughter. She wants a real one for Christmas. Am hoping she will be delighted with this gift."

Lindsey Coombs, Cheshire, 24 November 2023

"I purchased a Red Panda Adoption Gold package for a friend. From the time of talking to someone on the phone to delivery via royal mail - 2 days. He absolutely loves his adoption package. Very much worth considering as a gift for sure."

Mark Wickham, Pontypool, 23 October 2023

"Expected the teddy to be bigger."

Gwenan Howells, Cefneithin, 22 October 2023

"Purchased this adoption pack for my 9 yr old granddaughter who fell in love with the red panda when visiting Folly Farm so I thought this would be a lovely gift for her for Christmas."

Kim David, Bridgend, 14 October 2023

"This is a really nice gift lovely cuddly toy and gift box. Also delivered very quickly."

Jeff Smith, Pontypridd, 10 July 2023

"Really easy adoption process & the delivery for the pack was really speedy."

Sophie Powell, Dorset, 26 April 2023

"Love red pandas and so I'm pleased to adopt one."

Kate Millership, Lincoln, 14 April 2023

"Absolutely amazing present perfect gift box and sent out quickly. My son was so happy with his gift. Thank you."

Tara Rogers, Gloucestershire, 28 March 2023

"Christmas gift for my 26 year old son who loves red pandas. He was absolutely delighted by his surprise."

Christina Gibson, Cynwyl Elfed, 26 January 2023

"Having the three different levels of adoption is a fantastic idea. We are very excited about coming to see Lotus."

Suzanne Davies, Bromley, 08 December 2022

"Lovely adoption pack at a great price. Brought this for my son as he loves pandas... he's going to be so happy. The teddy is so cute too."

Casey Neal, Paignton, 10 November 2022

"I was very pleased with my birthday present!"

Alice Deloffre, Oxford, 20 September 2022

"I bought an animal adoption for my cousin after taking her to folly farm over the summer she saw them in the shop and really wanted one so I said I’d buy for her birthday . The only difficulty was choosing which animal! This is a lovely gift idea I’ve bought a few over the years. Libby loved it and is looking forward to seeing the red pandas and her name on the enclosure."

Emma Lloyd-Davies, St Clears, 08 September 2022

"Excellent my son was so happy when it arrived"

Josh Crowther, Llanelli, 11 August 2022

"I adopted a red panda for Christmas 2021 for my daughter she loved the surprise we will carry on the adoption this year she feels she is helping to to look after the pandas. Very well loved gift."

Diana Berry, Birmingham, 13 May 2022

"Bought for a birthday gift he absolutely loved it and was chuffed to see the red pandas yesterday. Unfortunately his name wasn’t on the board yet but he still loved the gift."

Kelly Carey, St Athan, 14 April 2022

"Thank you for the red panda"

Destin Henderson, Maryland, 25 March 2022

"Our grandaughter was very pleased with the adoption particularly as the packet arrived so quickly."

Anne Pinnock, London, 18 February 2022

"I bought two red panda adoption packs and a rhino for my daughters and they love them! We can’t wait to come and see you soon!"

Kerri Hamblin, Cardiff, 12 October 2020

"Adopted for my grandaughter in Canada. Very pleased with the service and will probably adopt again."

John Tozer, Ammanford, 12 October 2020

"I love that you can adopt these lovely animals and then get to see them in the flesh on a visit. We adopted a red panda for my sons 11th birthday and he was absolutely delighted."

Lisa Williams-Gwyther, Port Talbot, 12 October 2020

"Been wanting to adopt a red panda for ages now and finally did during lockdown because of my love for them and to support the farm. Best decision ever made!"

Lottie Deakin-Berry, Warrington, 12 October 2020

"My 12 year old daughter is Red Panda mad! And has been for years! Her uncle lives in Wales and for Christmas he adopted one for her... she’s over the moon!!! The presentation box and certificates are fantastic and the cuddly toy is so cute! (She’s added you her collection) she can’t wait till August next year... we will be driving 560 miles down to see the pandas"

Louise Martin, Northumberland, 12 March 2020

"We bought a red panda adoption"

Isla Morgan, Abergavenny, 12 March 2020

"Father Christmas gave me a red panda adoption pack from Folly Farm. I have called my red panda Firefox. The fact sheet that came with my adoption pack was really interesting and I can’t wait to meet my adopted red panda at Folly FarmI am visiting in April (Alex age 7)."

Alex Sayers, Berkshire, 25 February 2019

"I adopted a red panda for my son even though it’s myself that loves them. So certificate letter and information page on on his bedroom wall. Will be doing it again next year."

Richard Mooney, Telford, 15 November 2018
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