Vintage fairground rides

Fancy a go on the Waltzer, or driving our dodgems? We’ve got so many traditional fairground rides for you to try.

What will you do first?

Our iconic Golden Gallopers? The Austin Car Ride? The Coronation Speedway? All great fun and all with a fascinating fairground history.

Golden Gallopers

Built over 90 years ago, we’re only the fourth owner of this iconic fairground ride. It’s also known as a ‘Carousel’. Children – and adults – will love the merry-go-round nature of this ride and picking out a different named horse each time.


The Cakewalk is said to be based on a dance of the same name. Dancers would strut their stuff to try and win a large cake. We can’t promise you cake but this show ride will certainly make you look like you’re dancing as you make your way across shifting and bumping platforms.

Austin Car Ride

Our Austin Car Ride is a rare surviving example of a track ride. Your kids will love playing grown-up and driving their own Austin J40 car.

Lakin Skid

In the 1930s funfair rides were becoming much more about thrills and speed. The Lakin Skid, or Swirl as it’s sometimes known, is an example of the fast and the furious.


Your authentic funfair experience wouldn’t be complete without the dodgems. Ours date from around the 1950s. A firm favourite with families!

Coronation Speedway

Our most famous ride, built in the year of the Coronation of King George VI. Legend has it the Queen Mother rode one of the red horses. It’s an up and down roundabout ride but with added speed.


Is it a chair? Is it a plane? Well, it’s a bit of both! You’re sitting in a chair and when the ride gets up to speed, it feels like you’re flying.

The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar is a hugely popular vintage fairground ride from the 1950s. It’s also one of the more thrilling rides we have, reaching very high speeds. The full cover plunges riders into total darkness.


Kids love taking control of our Hurricane Jets on this popular ride from the 1950s. Compressed air helps build the excitement as the Jets take off with a hiss.


You’ll see why this ride became linked with the world wide dance craze of the 1960s. The cars spin around in different directions, at different speeds and with jerking motions – it’s a bit like doing the ‘twist’.


The Waltzer is an iconic British fairground ride and ours takes on a Rock ‘n Roll theme. You’ll love spinning around in these ‘tub’ shaped cars.

Mini Waltzer

Just like the Waltzer, but mini! Little ones can join in the fun of the fair with this mini version of our Waltzer ride.

Maxwell Juvenile

Your little ones will love our junior carousel, or Toyset. There’s a huge choice of vehicles to choose from. With buses, fire engines and police motorbikes all with hooters to honk, bells to clang and flashing lights to push.

Ghost Train

Climb aboard…if you dare!Our traditional ghost train ride is enough to spook but not to scare.

Winnard Train

All aboard! Another great ride for smaller fair-goers. Our beautifully restored little train with carriages runs on a circular track. Kids will love clanging the bell and playing train driver.

Muffin Ride

Little ones will love this roundabout ride which we’ve decorated in the style of Muffin the Mule, a popular children’s character from the 1950’s.

Arcade, Stalls and Mirrors

And that’s not all! Your vintage fairground experience continues with our arcade games, hall of mirrors and traditional fairground stalls. Roll up! Roll up!

The Paratrooper

Sitting alongside The Pembrokeshire Wheel is the latest addition to our collection of fairground rides, The Paratrooper. You’ll love flying around in these parachute-styled carriages.

The Paratrooper fairground ride at Folly Farm