The Mighty Wurlitzer

Look above the entrance to our Follies Theatre and you’ll see our Mighty Wurlitzer organ.

We’re so very proud of our Wurlitzer as it’s one of the finest examples of its kind in the UK.

We’re trying to keep the wonderful sound of the theatre organ alive for future generations, through daily performances and special concerts with well known organists.

The Wurlitzer takes pride of place on a specially built raised platform inside our vintage fairground.

Nigel Odgen from BBC Radio 2’s “The Organist Entertains”

A little history…

Our Wurlitzer is on long term loan from the very generous Paul Kirner, of Compton Lodge, Sapcote, Leicestershire. He purchased the Wurlitzer from the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust. It was installed, and is looked after by Ben Snowdon. Our Wurlitzer used to be on display at the Gaumont Theatre, Manchester and even had a home at the Granada Studios in Manchester for a number of years.