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What’s it like to work at Folly Farm? Read reviews submitted by our employees to find out.

We care about feedback from our employees. By listening to our staff we create a happy workforce which helps us deliver a great product and create special memories for our visitors.

“Friendly”, “fast-paced”, “exciting”, “no two days are the same” – just some of the highlights from the reviews posted by employees of Folly Farm. Read more below.

Length of service

We’re extremely grateful that we have a high level of staff retention which is reflected in the employee reviews below by the number of years many of our team have been with us. We’ve seen many staff join us as seasonal or holiday staff and develop their career into management positions which is a huge success for our training and career progression programmes. Our Length of Service Awards are a joyous part of our Christmas “staff do” and our employees wear their length of service badges with huge pride!

Why work with us

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Employee reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 - 9 reviews

"I joined the team in 2007 as an operations assistant working weekends while I was in college. Following college I started to work five days a week and was offered some extra opportunities to learn while I worked. I have managed to gain many qualifications during my time here at Folly Farm. I managed to advance my skill set which has helped me progress throughout the company. Folly Farm is a amazing place to work with a amazing team."

Stuart Harries, senior operations supervisor, joined in 2007, 16 March 2022

"Smashing place to work, fun happens whilst getting the job done! All the staff are very team orientated. We work as one and support each other. Job opportunities arise often for employees to apply for and relevant training is always kept up. My role mainly consists of financial duties however I am willing to assist in other areas when time allows and often help with lunch covers on admissions (great fun chatting to the children coming in!). I can also be found helping in main office and may even answer your phone calls sometimes when our office administrator is away.

Amanda Wilkinson, senior finance supervisor, joined in 2018, 16 March 2022
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"I have worked my way up from a Retail Assistant to Retail Ambassador to Finance Assistant, and now to my current role of Retail Supervisor. I have received thorough training from my management team with regards to the retail role. I have also undertaken a supervisory skills course which was carried out with Coleg Sir Gar through the support of Folly Farm. I have recently been given me the opportunity to attend retail supplier showrooms and the NEC, this was to learn the ins and outs of buying merchandise. Our team in retail have developed a strong rapport with one another and all get along very well. There's brilliant growth and progression opportunities."

Scott Stephens, retail supervisor, joined in 2017, 17 March 2022

"I joined the team back in 2015 as an operations assistant working just at weekends and school holidays and have now worked my way up to become a full time, permanent senior operations supervisor, which I really enjoy. Everyone is so friendly and it is a really positive place to work. You meet lots of people and learn different skills. The role itself is very unique and varied. Everyday is so different. I work alongside a really supportive team, inside different departments. My main roles include assisting HR with recruitment, supervising and training the operations team and covering the office."

Jemma Haswell, senior operations supervisor, joined in 2015, 16 February 2022
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"I love that my job is really varied – no two days are the same and I've worked across all departments. I’ve always been interested in the tourism and hospitality industry, and it’s fantastic to get to learn how every area of the business works here. It's an ideal job for students looking to work alongside their education. It’s great to be able to put everything I’m learning in my degree into practice here."

Bill Ebsworth, food and beverage supervisor, joined 2019, 16 February 2022

"I started as maternity cover but was lucky enough to be kept on permanently and have since progressed my role. No day is the same and there’s always such exciting projects and developments to be involved with. The company has never slowed down in the 10 years I’ve been here so we’re never short of creative material! I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in some amazing projects, have met many wonderful people (and animals!) and learned so much during my time here. To be a part of such a forward thinking and innovative company and have such friendly and supportive colleagues is very rewarding.”

Emma Owen, PR officer, joined 2011, 15 February 2022

"A busy, dynamic and friendly place to work where no two days are the same. A variety of tasks means there is never a dull moment and it's great to be supported by the wider team."

Lee Sefton, office administrator, joined 2016, 15 February 2022
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"I joined Folly Farm in 2008 as marketing manager and now head up the marketing department. It's fantastic to be part of a family-run business that reinvests so much back in the business each year - it certainly makes my job a lot easier always having exciting new developments and new arrivals to talk about. I'm so well supported by my friendly and hardworking team and the rest of the management team to deliver on our objectives on a daily basis."

Zoё Wright, head of marketing, joined 2008, 15 February 2022

"I can honestly say I love working at Folly Farm. You’re made to feel that your contributions really matter. As part of the marketing team, it’s fair to say that no two days are the same and we’re never short of something to shout about. Working over the years within such a creative environment with such an innovative team has, without a doubt, increased my marketing knowledge base and has enabled me to put that to good use on a daily basis."

Gareth Morris, marketing officer, joined 2016, 15 February 2022
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