Meet Dinky...the world's cutest lamb

He’s probably the world’s cutest lamb…he’s definitely stealing hearts!

Dinky, a Valais Blacknose sheep, has joined the Jolly Barn family and is wowing visitors at our daily meet and greets.

dinky the sheep

Named after the Valais region in Switzerland where they originate, this rare breed is gaining popularity in the UK where they are delighting the crowds at agricultural shows.

And you only need to watch our video to understand why.

Kim Brickell, senior farm supervisor and self-declared mum to Dinky, said;

“Dinky’s totally adorable. He’s like a little puppy-dog, he runs up to greet us and follows us around. He’s proving a real hit with visitors to Folly Farm. His friendly and docile nature make him the perfect animal for our visitors to meet and we can then educate them about this unusual breed.”

kim grooms dinky sheep

Kim Brickell, senior farm supervisor, grooming Dinky.