Watch our beautiful new fairground video

Fairs and farms have gone together for many years. We’re keeping that tradition alive.

Now we’ve brought our fairground to life for you in this beautiful video made for us by Mother Goose Films.

It tells the story of a little girl who finds a wooden carousel toy in an attic and as she spins it, she’s transported to our fairground, where she makes magical memories on our grand collection of vintage rides with her family and friends.

girl with fairground toy

Zoë Wright, head of marketing, said;

“The video is a taster of our vintage fairground and through it’s beautiful storytelling it evokes a sense of wonder amongst children and a nod to the nostalgia of memories created amongst parents and grandparents from visiting fairgrounds in their youth. Above all it shows the sheer enjoyment our rides bring.”
girl on carousel

Zoë continued;

“The fairground is one of the most unexpected things at Folly Farm. It’s unique to find a vast collection of rides like this at a farm park or a zoo but the variety of our offering is part of what makes a day at Folly Farm so appealing. It’s difficult to get across the scale of our fairground because it’s indoor and spread across such a vast area. We hope through this video we’ve shown that’s its great day out in itself.”

laughing girl on waltzers

Huge thanks must go to Polly and Robin at Mother Goose Films for their professionalism, their patience filming the fairground on a busy August day and most all for their beautiful storytelling. We were blessed with a fantastic bunch of people (Polly and Robin’s family) who allowed us to film them. Too many to mention but we must single out Enya, the star of our video, who was incredibly polite and patient throughout the whole process. Thank you Enya.

You’ll pay a little extra for the rides, as part of your visit to Folly Farm. But it’s much less than you’d pay at other funfairs, and you can set your own budget. It also helps keep the queues down.