Fun for all ages - just ask 99 year old Laurence Cook

You’re never too old to join in the fun, just ask 99-year-old Laurence Cook from Morriston.

As part of his 99th birthday celebrations his granddaughter Cari and her husband Nic thought it would be a lovely idea to bring Laurence to us to take part in our giraffe feeding experience.

Cari said:

“Grandad spent a lot of time in Africa in his younger days and was able to see these magnificent creatures running wild. This is a lovely way for him to relive those memories.”

Laurence, Cari and Nic met up with giraffe keeper Vicky who walked them to the impressive Giraffe Heights walkway; an elevated platform that allows visitors to come face to face with our giraffes. It was here that Laurence met Sillan.

Laurence Cook aged 99

After an introductory chat with Vicky, where she talked about the four giraffes, their personalities, where they’re from and what they eat, she then took the excited party back down to ground level and into the feeding experience area just under the viewing platform. This area is close enough to the giraffes that you can get hands on with the feeding but far enough away that the giraffes can’t get too close…they’ve got very long necks!

laurence cook feeds the giraffes

This was also an opportunity for Cari and Nic to join in as they too had bought feeding experiences, making this a real family treat for all ages and one birthday celebration they will never forget.

The final word went to Laurence:

“Lovely creatures, lovely day!”

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