Gentle Giant Peggy joins the Farm Family

Welcome to the farm family Peggy!

We recently welcomed a new Shire horse to our farm family – 19 year old ex-breeding mare ‘Belladonna’ (aka Peggy).

Beautiful new arrival – ex-breeding Shire mare ‘Peggy’

This gentle giant stands at 17.2hh high (approximately 5ft. 10″) and is settling into her retirement on the farm alongside many other rare breeds, including 17 year old Rupert, a handsome Exmoor pony.

Another rare breed (and Peggy’s new BFF) – Exmoor pony ‘Rupert’

Farm Manager Kim said:

“Peggy has settled in so well to the farm already. She’s got such a placid and friendly nature and has enjoyed spending her days grazing in the paddocks alongside her new friends. Apples are one of her favourite treats and she often comes trotting over to meet the farmers for a groom if she knows they have some! Guests can see her when taking a journey around our rare breed centre on the Land Train tractor ride – or if they simply fancy a leisurely stroll around this section of the farm.” 

Shire horses were of enormous importance in medieval Britain, carrying knights into battle. Over the years they then became a valuable agricultural workhorse and were essential for farming work. However, with the modernisation of agricultural machinery and having only been supported in small numbers by individual breeders and breweries – their population has declined significantly throughout the decades – and they are now sadly classed as a rare breed.

We’re delighted to have been recently accredited as the first and only Welsh farm park to achieve Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) status, for our efforts and contribution to conserving rare breeds of livestock.

Shire horses are sadly classed as a rare breed

The Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) is a national charity working across the UK to safeguard the future of rare and native livestock and equine breeds. It aims to reverse the decline of all livestock breeds listed on their watchlist and to have all the breeds on the watchlist in a stable position by 2028.

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Rare Breed approval for Farm

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