Keep cool and carry on

Us Brits like nothing more than to talk about the weather…

So, keeping with tradition, we thought you’d like to know how our animals are keeping cool during the UK heatwave.

Our keepers are working extra hard in this hot weather to keep water troughs filled with plenty of fresh, cold water, providing shady spots for our animals to chill out, giving them a hose down and providing them with iced treats of course!

The squirrel monkeys love a fruit ice lolly. And we’re talking homemade from fruit and water. No added sugar or E numbers. They’re active enough!

Squirrel monkey eating a lolly

Our lemurs like to lick a lolly too!

Lemur at Folly Farm licking an ice lolly

Our rhinos cool down with a shower and get nice and clean. And then roll in the mud again 🙄

Rhino cooling down with a shower

Our sheep are sheared to keep them nice and cool in the Summer. And this provides us with some hairdressing related banter for our instagram page.

And then they get to cool down with a lolly for sitting nicely 🤣

Apple bobbing isn’t just for Halloween. Our muntjac love bobbing anytime but especially during the UK heatwave! And in this case they bob for veg too #oneofyourfiveaday

Bobbing for veg at Folly Farm