In a flap over new arrivals at Pelican Lake

The zoo team have recently welcomed two new arrivals to ‘Pelican Lake’ located in our Asian Adventure habitat.

Two 11-month-old, pink-backed pelican girls called Olga and Svetlana have joined us from Zoo Duisburg in Germany. Having originally arrived with us on the 18th of April, they were housed ‘off-show’ in order to acclimatise to their new surroundings. Then, in early June they met their new pelican family (and park visitors) for the very first time. We’re delighted to report that Elvis, Priscilla, Hank, Memphis and Presley were very flappy to see them and that they’re settling very well in their new home.


Pink-backed pelicans first joined the zoo family in October 2020. Priscilla was one of the first to arrive from Wild Discovery near Blackpool, closely followed by super-dad Hank who joined us from Zoo Duisberg in Germany. They are part of an EAZA EEP  breeding programme for the species and have successfully bred and reared young on two separate occasions.


Alan Keeling, zoo manager said:

We’re delighted to welcome both Olga and Svetlana to the Folly flock. Pelican Lake has proved a popular addition to the Asian Adventure habitat and we’re delighted that our pelicans relish their surroundings and continue to breed. As part of a breeding programme; the arrival Olga and Svetlana will ensure the species’ survival for future generations.

Although predominately grey and white feathered they are so-called after the hint of pink they have on their backs. They are traditionally found throughout parts of Africa and Southern India and can grow up to 1.5m high and weigh 7kg. Their impressive beak can grow up to 38cm in length and is ideal for consuming their favourite foods of roach and sprats.

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