Young New Arrival for Sloth Forest

We’re making way for a new generation of sloths by welcoming a young female named ‘Button’.

We’ve been home to two elderly two-toed sloths, Tuppee and Lightcap for a number of years after they ‘retired’ from other zoos.

Our female Lightcap is around 41 years old, making her one of the oldest sloths in European zoos and male ‘roommate’, Tuppee is around 12 years her junior at almost 29 years old.

These mature residents are still resident at the zoo in the Tropical Trails enclosure. Their specially adapted habitat where they reside alongside their fruit bat friends, is tailor made to ensure they have a comfortable home that meets their needs as they relax into their twilight years – with low branches, soft flooring and heat and humidity to suit their older joints!

But we’re delighted to announce a new lease of life for our sloth population, in the form of an adorable young female Linne’s two-toed sloth, ‘Button’.

Button will reside in Sloth Forest within Tropical Trails alongside a variety of rare and beautiful birds, whilst Tuppee and Lightcap enjoy their peace and quiet away from the adorable new juvenile.

New arrival Button enjoying some treats in her new home

Button is just 15 months old and was born in Dudley Zoo to parents Florianna and Reggie. Her move was part of the European Breeding Programme and there’s hope she’ll be joined by a younger male in the future. This will allow us to not only provide a home for the elderly animals, (an important role in any breeding programme) – but to welcome the next generation of sloths as a breeding centre for the species in the future!

Button as a baby, hanging out with mum Florianna in Dudley Zoo (photo credit: Dudley Zoo)

Upper Primates Section Leader at Dudley Zoo, Pat Stevens said; “Button was the first sloth ever born at Dudley Zoo and Castle, so she’ll always be very special to us.

“Although we will miss her, we’re delighted she’s moved to Folly Farm as part of a conservation programme and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.”

Keeper Kim enthused; “We’re so excited to welcome Button to our zoo family. These peaceful, gentle animals are slow-moving even in their prime, but Button sure has given our sleepy Sloth Forest enclosure a new lease of life.

Cute as a ‘Button’!

“As well as still caring for the older residents, we’re excited to adapt Sloth Forest into more of a breeding centre for the species – with the hope that our young new arrival will be joined by a male soon so we can begin our breeding efforts.

“Sloths are our number one animal for adoptions, so with Button joining the zoo family, we’re sure this interest will continue to grow and make a unique gift for someone special”.

A sloth hanging from a branch
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