Pamper time as our animals enjoy a relaxing 'pet-icure'

It’s not just us humans who enjoy a quick mani-pedi as a way to relax and unwind, ‘pet-icures’ are also a big hit with our furry friends!

Our barn animals have enjoyed some well deserved pampering after a busy Summer season meeting all of our lovely guests. They receive regular grooming from our keepers to keep them in tip-top shape and have been indulging in some quality ‘me time’ now that Autumn has arrived.

Rabbit having a pedicure at Folly Farm

Our long haired guinea pigs are known for being the most high maintenance and as well a trip to the nail bar, they also enjoy having their fur brushed daily. Rabbits, ferrets and even our chickens have their claws clipped regularly whilst our sheep and goats require bigger clippers to ensure their tough hooves are shaped and preened to perfection.

ferret pedicure

Our own farm senior supervisor and official pedicurist, Kim said:

“Most of the farm animals really enjoy a good pamper and love the attention. The sheep can kick up a bit of a fuss as we have to sit them down on their bottoms to be able to hold onto them.”

She continued:

“We work with local suppliers and John Byrne the farrier comes in to pamper the horses, donkeys and ponies. They have their own appointments with the farrier, even though a few of them can sometimes be late!”

Not only do our animals get to enjoy a bit of down time but keepers are also able to use the opportunity to perform important health checks to ensure everyone is happy and healthy.

Kim agrees, confirming:

“Animal husbandry, which is the routine care of the animals, is a big part of my job and is something I’ve always taken pride in, as for me, the most important thing is that each animal is happy and well cared for.”

What a lucky lot!