Pelican Lake is now complete!

Our Asian Adventure exhibit has had a very special delivery to complete ‘Pelican Lake’.

Just before the firebreak lockdown in Wales we took delivery of some very special residents for our ‘Pelican Lake’ enclosure at Asian Adventure and visitors to Folly Farm will be able to see them when we re-open this weekend. Four pink-backed pelicans have completed our beautiful Asian-themed lake. Elvis and Priscilla, an adult pair of pelicans at three years old have joined us from Wild Discovery near Blackpool, Hank has joined us from Zoo Duisberg in Germany and Rita has joined us from Zoo Boissiere in France. Hank and Rita, hatched earlier in 2020 and have already bonded since arriving at Folly Farm.

The pelicans have joined us as part of an EAZA EEP breeding programme for the species and we hope to produce babies in the coming years.

Elvis and Priscilla, our adult breeding pair of pink-backed pelicans

“We’ve waited a long time for this arrival. The national lockdown meant the movement of animals within the European Breeding Programme has been challenging but we’re delighted the pelicans are now with us and settling into their new home at Asian Adventure. Pelican Lake was designed to house these impressive birds and in the meantime the planting and wildlife has blossomed into the perfect habitat for them.” – Tim Morphew, zoo curator

Rita is settling well on ‘Pelican Lake’

Pink-backed pelicans can grow to heights of 1.5m and can weigh up to 7kg! Their impressive beaks can reach 38cm in length and feeding time is a sight to behold. The pelicans are fed a mixed diet or roach and sprats. Their feathers are grey and white and are named after the tinge of pink they have on their backs. They are found throughout parts of Africa and Southern India.

Watch Rita at feeding time!

Elvis rocking his feathers!

“Elvis and Priscilla are very confident and love their food! Hank and Rita are still very young so aren’t as confident but they are very sweet and have teamed up as a pair already. They look so at home on the lake and the keepers are all really taken with them already, I’m sure our visitors will be too.” – Martha Griffiths, zoo keeper

Hank and Rita enjoying the views at their new enclosure

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