We’ve gone plastic-free with our fairground token bags

Token bag swap removes 17,000 single-use plastic bags…a year!

As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing single-use plastic on park we’re pleased to announce our latest swap. We’ll now be bagging up our fairground tokens in recycled paper envelopes instead of plastic money bags.

Although we tried to encourage the return of these bags, in reality many ended up in the bin after just one use once the tokens had been spent. We get through approximately 17,000 bags each year when customers pre-order their tokens for group and school bookings and when they purchase them in advance online.

Man with fairground tokens

Fairground manager, Andrew Russell, proudly shows off our latest environmental swap.

“The whole team has the responsibility to try and think of new ways of reducing our plastic usage on park and this was an easy swap. But it wasn’t until I sat down and worked out how many bags we get through each year that we realised what a difference it would make.” – Andrew Russell, fairground manager.
Plastic coin bags

Our old plastic token bags.

We’ll now put these bags back into circulation for banking our loose change.

Paper envelopes

Our new paper token bags, made from recycled paper.

“This latest swap is another step in our commitment to being environmentally responsible. Having just retained our Green Key environmental accreditation for the third year, this is just one of the ways we’re doing our bit to look to the future.” – Catrin Williams, HR manager.