The gift that gives this Christmas

We’d like to say a massive thank you to every one of you who adopted our animals this year!

Through animal adoptions and our on-park collection boxes, not only have we’ve raised almost £9,000 for our seven conservation partners but your purchases have helped us care for our animals in what has been a difficult year. We cannot thank you enough 🙏

Long periods of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic has meant the only way we could raise income to cover the ongoing costs of caring for our animals was through the sale of our animal adoption gift packs. And boy did you answer our calls for help!

Adoption sales for the year so far have more than doubled on last year which means our donation to our conservation partners has also more than doubled. Many charities and conservation organisations have suffered financial losses this year as major fundraising events were cancelled and the zoo partners they rely heavily on for donations faced their own financial challenges. So, being able to increase our annual donation is an amazing achievement!

Our popular sloth adoption gift pack

“Our animal adoptions have never been more important to us than this year. During the pandemic our loyal visitors have bought adoptions as unusual birthday gifts for loved ones or just to support us during these tough times and we are truly grateful. The income from adoption sales was a huge help with the ongoing costs of caring for our animals whilst we were closed to the public but the fact they’ve also helped us continue with our regular donations to our conservation partners is something every person who has purchased one should be very proud of.” –  Zoë Wright, head of marketing

Conservation partners

Our seven partners that will each receive a donation of £1,283.42 are;

Red Panda Network
Safina Lion Conservation Fund
Barbary Macaque Awareness and Conservation
World Land Trust
Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Cleaners
Wildlife Vets International

You can read more about some of our conservation partners and the work they do here including our sponsorship of a “Forest Guardian” to protect red pandas in the wild in Nepal.

Photo of Red Panda Forest Guardian

Menuka Bhattarai, our Forest Guardian, working to protect red pandas in the wild

The response from our partners shows just how much your adoption purchases mean to them!

“Wow! That is such an incredible amount of money, thank you so much to everyone at Folly Farm especially during these very challenging times. It really means so much to us. It really is heart warming to see the response you have had from your visitors during the lockdowns.” – James Welch, chairman, Safina Lion Conservation Fund
“This is wonderful news! We are honoured by Folly Farm’s commitment to red panda conservation even during such a difficult time for zoos. Thank you so much!” – Terrance Fleming, development manager, Red Panda Network
“I’d like to say a huge thank you to Folly Farm in what has been a tough time for all zoos this year and an extra big thank you to your supporters who adopted more animals than ever.” – Olivia Walter, executive director, Wildlife Vets International
“That’s really great news – very, very welcome as you can imagine.” – Sian Waters, executive director, Barbary Macaque Awareness and Conservation

It’s not too late to give!

There’s still time to adopt our animals in time for Christmas! We can guarantee delivery of our adoption gift packs in time for Christmas for all online purchases up to the midnight on the 17th December.

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