Little Miss Tiggy's May days

After school fly-bys to see the “whino” and “mingos”

This month Tiggy has been getting great value from her annual pass by popping in for an hour or two after school.

Her mum, Megan, diarises Tiggy’s adventures at Folly Farm on her blog. Here’s the latest installment for May.

You’ll recall my telling you in a previous post April At Folly Farm that we as a family have annual passes and they have proved to be invaluable this month! We must have visited here most evenings after school with the boys asking to go the moment I collect them and with Tiggy asking each morning “zoo today mummy?”

Children watching rhino at Folly Farm

A helping hand from her eldest brother Finlay to see the rhino or “whino” as Tiggy likes to call them.

We’ve had fun and laughter plus the children learn about the animals so it’s quite educational too and the boys often come out with facts that they’ve read from the information signs here or from chatting to the friendly staff.

Girl face to face with a lion at Folly Farm

Nose to nose with a lion.

Girl watching flamingos at Folly Farm

Tiggy likes to watch the “mingos”.

One of our most loved areas is the lion enclosure, the children are totally fascinated and you can get up quite close to them, so close in fact that Tiggy was nose to nose with Hugo the lion and when he touched the glass with his paw Tiggy jumped but was quickly reassured by staff here that the toughened triple glazing glass meant that she was perfectly safe and we’ve spent quite some time here most evenings watching the lions feeding and chatting away to the staff about them.

boys looking at meerkat

Watching the meerkats at Folly Farm.

The park areas are a huge draw for the boys especially having been in school all day, they can let off some steam, tear about the place enjoying themselves and of course boys being boys they’re so competitive, even the tractors become a race to do the quickest lap and as always Tiggy’s quick to join in with them!

There’s also an amazing sand pit here, in fact there are two, but this one with the diggers is my tribe’s fave and occupied them all long enough for me to feed little Pip.

Boy on sandpit digger at Folly Farm

The concentration on Reuben’s face!

Girl riding pedal tractorBoys riding pedal tractorsGirl playing on pirate ship at Folly Farm

Tiggy loves watching the penguins and now there are Macaroni Penguins here too!

All in all Folly Farm is such a great place for families and what we’re especially looking forward to in May is meeting Peter Rabbit over the Bank Holiday weekend as having seen the film and read the books, Tiggy is a huge fan!

Children in gift shop

Tiggy and Finlay in the gift shop at Folly Farm.

Girl in sandpit

Tiggy racing to the sand pit, and yes even “Dodo” gets to visit Folly Farm with Tiggy explaining to her doll about the animals as we go. Very sweet!

Girl pushing pram in Folly Farm