Welsh rhino moves on to further breeding programme

Welsh rhino Glyn moves onto pastures new as part of a managed breeding programme

Glyndwr, our very own Welsh rhino, has recently moved to Flamingo Land in Yorkshire as part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme for Eastern black rhino co-ordinated by Chester Zoo.

Glyn was born at Folly Farm in January 2020 to mum Dakima

Born in January 2020 to mum Dakima and dad Nkosi, Glyn – named after our founding director Glyndwr Williams – has resided in our Kifaru Reserve habitat at the zoo alongside his family, including ‘aunty’ Manyara.  He’s without doubt the most important baby ever to be born at Folly Farm and his arrival was a monumental event for all of the staff. Not only did his arrival help to increase the population of this critically endangered species, he was also the first rhino ever to be born in Wales!

Welsh rhino Glyn with mum Dakima at Kifaru Reserve

At almost four years old, the recommendation was for Glyn to move to Flamingo Land as part of a managed breeding programme through our membership of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). These programmes manage the population of animals across member zoos, ensuring records are kept up to date. They make breeding recommendations to ensure zoos have the healthiest animals available in case a particular animal is at risk of becoming extinct in the wild – which is sadly a very real possibility for this magnificent species. In fact, there are fewer than 650 Eastern black rhino left in the wild, with poaching and killing for their horn the main threats.

Kifaru Reserve highlights the plight of the Eastern black rhino

Transportation of an animal of this size takes careful planning and coordination and our keepers along with the team at Flamingo Land, our operations, maintenance and transport teams have done a fantastic job in ensuring Glyn was calm and happy throughout. The zoo keepers have been preparing for weeks, carrying out regular crate training with Glyn. So, when it came to moving day and his long journey up North, he loaded himself into his crate and all went just as everyone had hoped.

Keepers even received a photo from the Flamingo Land team when he arrived safe and sound at his new home!

“Glyn has settled in really well at Flamingo Land and we are excited to be continuing our valuable work with the EAZA Ex-situ Program (EEP).  Over the coming months Glyn will meet our two year old male Jabali and we hope that they will bond and spend time together.  When Glyn is old enough he will become our new breeding male here, so that we can continue to contribute to this vital European population.” – Ross Snipp, Company Executive at Flamingo Land

Glyn settling into his new home at Flamingo Land

As much as we’ll all miss this beautiful boy, we are delighted that all went well and are happy in the knowledge that this move is just another step towards conserving this magnificent endangered species. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Glyn in his breeding efforts – and we know he will be well taken care of by all the team at his new home.

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