Our story

Bored? Not here! In farming, there’s never a dull moment.

We were dairy farmers for years and years, and always had our work cut out.

A new calf. An escapee cow. So much to deal with, we never got bored. Passers-by were interested in the farm too – so in 1988, we opened our doors and made it our mission to create great days out.

We love keeping busy. It’s in our blood!

So, Folly Farm keeps growing. Now, it’s much, much more than a farm. We have animals from around the world in our zoo, adventure play and a vintage fairground too. Why not?

 “We reckon you can’t have too much of a good thing. So every year, Folly Farm gets bigger. And better. It keeps us busy, just how we like it. And when people come back it’s always different. Folly Farm will always be full of surprises.”
Lion keeper at Folly Farm

We’re still very much a family business, so nurture and care are important in all we do. We’re Wales’ biggest independent visitor attraction, and proud to have won a number of awards.

But Folly Farm is still our home. We’ve made so many happy memories here, and we love it. We hope you will too.

Anne, Chris, Karina and the whole Folly family.

Zoo, Barn, Fairground, Play – what will make your perfect day?

Watch our video for a taster of a day out at Folly Farm.