Read giraffe feeding experience reviews

Five star reviews

"This was bought by myself for my partner and her sister - they thoroughly enjoyed meeting the giraffes and learnt so much too! They said the zoo keeper was amazing, they couldn’t speak highly enough of her (I believe her name was Megan/Bethan), she was so informative and lovely. The entry ticket was included in the price as well as a lovely stuffed toy, so I feel the price was really good. Amazing day!"

Kelly Griffiths, Cardiff, 15 April 2024

"A really lovely experience, which was only made better by the keeper who was clearly passionate about the animals under their care. I asked LOTS of questions and all were answered thoroughly. I also appreciated that interaction with the giraffe was not forced and very much led by what they were in the mood for. Animal welfare clearly put first!"

Victoria Patterson, Cardiff, 07 April 2024

"Super friendly keeper took loads of pics and videos for us. Great day!"

Nicole Cattermole, Derbyshire, 06 April 2024

"The experience was a Christmas present from grandparents. The girls loved it and enjoyed being so close to the giraffes, feeding Rhian, Ruddy and Dr Shrimp. Pippa was very knowledgeable and happy to answer all the questions the girls asked."

Sian Hardy, Chepstow, 02 April 2024

"It was an absolutely incredible experience, and I cant thank Meg, the keeper, enough. She was absolutely brilliant and made the experience really special. It was worth every penny and we will definitely think about coming back to do it again."

Kya Elkin, Surrey, 30 March 2024

"The best experience I have ever had! Our 8 year old got so stuck in and absolutely loved it. Pippa, the lady assisting us in feeding the giraffes was so informative, kind and friendly. I don't think I'll ever get that close to giraffes again so it was really special."

Laura Rees, Milford Haven, 28 March 2024

"Lovely experience. Friendly and knowledgeable keeper."

Samantha McCormack, Bracknell, 08 March 2024

"It was an amazing experience. We absolutely loved every minute of it."

Tracey Davies, Port Talbot, 23 February 2024

"Harry was very welcoming, explaining in depth all about the giraffes and answering our questions with a pleasant, knowledgeable demeanour. Lovely experience."

Jacquelyn Morris, Cowbridge, 18 February 2024

"I had the best time, the keeper was super friendly and answered all my questions. It was a dream come true, thank you for a lovely memory!"

Lucy Hall, Worcestershire, 14 February 2024

"It was an amazing experience and we loved it. We fed the giraffes and chatted to the keeper who was lovely by the way and our cuddly toys and certificates were a lovely keepsake of the day. We will be booking again, maybe a lion or sloth experience next."

Samantha Court, Clynderwen, 07 January 2024

"The experience was absolutely amazing kids haven't stopped talking about it. Was a dream come true to feed her favourite animal. She hasn't stopped smiling and wants to come and do it again. A massive Thank you to keeper Meg you were amazing."

Sammie and Hollie Cotter, Pontyclun, 28 October 2023

"Such a fantastic experience. Me and my grandson loved every minute of it . It was worth every penny. Thank you so much to the lovely lady from Folly Farm who told us what to do during the experience. She was so informative and answered every question we had. An experience not to missed by anybody that visits."

Sharon Starr, Bristol, 22 October 2023

"Both my partner and myself loved our giraffe experience. Becky was very informative and made us feel very at ease. The fact that it was just the two of us made it even more special."

Beverley Price, Newport, 19 October 2023

"We had a fabulous day. The giraffe keeper Harry was great. Very knowledgeable he was very passionate about what he does and clearly loves the animals in his care. He taught me so much I didn't know. The whole experience was surreal. A day I will cherish forever. All the staff were polite and helpful."

Sandra Briggs, Eastham, 16 October 2023

"Absolutely brilliant day. Feeding the giraffes was so exciting. Their keeper was very informative and knowledgeable and took lots of photos for us. We have been before and fed the lions so I think rhinos next!"

Amanda and Colin Templesmith, Staffordshire, 11 October 2023

"Well what can I say we both enjoyed this immensely and it was amazing being so close to the giraffes. Thank you so much to to Pippa who was absolutely amazing and answered all our questions and really made this experience really special thank you so much."

Ruth Ronianski-Hermann, Carmarthenshire , 06 October 2023

"What an amazing experience. Keeper Meg was so informative and knowledgeable about the Giraffe and answered any questions that we had. Was made to feel really at ease."

Laura Gray, Cwmbran , 04 October 2023

"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

Margaret Rees, Swansea , 03 October 2023

"Absolutely amazing experience being able to be close up to the giraffes and feed them! Loved every minute and didn't want to leave!"

Jade Mansfield, Pontypridd , 29 September 2023

"The most magical and breathtaking experience I have ever had! I would come and do this experience everyday if I could! As a massive giraffe lover it is a must to come and see these beautiful creatures in person."

Ria Valentine-Southren, St Neots , 28 September 2023

"What a great experience being so close to these huge, gentle creatures. This was a birthday present for my partner and we were both blown away with it. Harry was the perfect guide through the experience, his knowledge and help was really good. Just want to do it again!"

Ian Jackson, Kidwelly , 15 September 2023

"Bought as a Christmas present for Grandad. Definitely money well spent! Giraffe keeper Becky was lovely and so knowledgeable, answered every one of grandad's questions and was so patient with us. A very lovely day and you can tell the giraffes are happy."

Laura Mowlam, Haverfordwest , 10 September 2023

"We really enjoyed our experience and had a wonderful time. The zoo keeper was very knowledgeable and told us lots about the animals. The giraffes were amazing and it was great to get up so close to them. The certificate and giraffe teddy were a lovely surprise."

Kirsty Hill, Shropshire , 25 August 2023

"What an unbelievable experience for my daughter Daisy. Keeper Becky was brilliant at providing us with information about each of the giraffe's personalities and traits. She really knows the giraffes well! Daisy was made to feel welcome and relaxed throughout the whole experience and was given a range of foods to feed the giraffes! Thank you!"

Daisy Mardle, Lincolnshire , 23 August 2023

"What an amazing day. A giraffe experience and a rhino experience. Utterly amazing. A clean, well organised adventure at an attraction that was so well organised, tidy, well constructed and enjoyable place."

Tim Mardle, Lincolnshire , 23 August 2023

"Absolutely amazing it was so personal and memorable. It made me cry as to how stunning and graceful the giraffes were. Meg was lovely and full of knowledge this was a memory I will hold forever it was a dream come true the giraffes were so graceful and beautiful."

Sharon Wyton, Stoke-on-Trent , 14 August 2023

"Wow, wow, wow, 5 stars! Fantastic experience, best one to one experience and staff were lovely. Big shout out to all of you for cleanliness and family friendly visit."

Maria Burgess, Stoke-on-Trent , 14 August 2023

"Excellent experience. Would definitely recommend. Keeper was so knowledgeable and was happy to answer all my questions. He didn’t rush the experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Amie Cook, Malvern , 07 August 2023

"What an amazing experience. We fed two of the giraffes and could stroke them as they fed. It was so lovely to be so close to these beautiful animals. They were really gentle and the keeper was very informative and helpful. Highly recommended. We even had a certificate each and a toy giraffe to take away. Loved it!"

Kevin Jones, Haverfordwest , 20 July 2023

"Absolutely loved this experience along with my sister in law. The giraffes are so gentle but got quite a strong pull on the branches, and their tongues! Would highly recommend this to anyone who loves giraffes."

Helen Evans, Cardigan , 19 July 2023

"A truly amazing experience! Was stuck on what to buy my daughter for her birthday, as a giraffe lover this was the perfect gift which didn’t disappoint! Staff were knowledgeable and helpful and love the giraffe plush as a gift. A great day all round. Diolch yn fawr iawn."

Lindsay Gould, Llantrisant , 11 July 2023

"This was the 18th present for my special needs daughter, along with feeding the lions. It was amazing he really enjoyed it the staff were amazing, the lions were little too quick but never the less it was the best day."

Rhian Murphy, Llanelli , 10 July 2023

"Absolutely loved this experience, my son is autistic and absolutely loves giraffes so we decided to give this a go but were unsure how he would cope, he absolutely loved it. Pippa was fab and made us feel comfortable and not rushed at all. If we’re ever back down this neck of the woods we’d definitely do this again."

Tracey King, Falkirk , 04 July 2023

"It was a very fun and informative experience that my partner and myself thoroughly enjoyed. Our guide was pleasant and great to talk to. He answered all of our questions and told us some fun facts about the giraffes. My partner particularly enjoyed interacting with Rudy. Overall a had a lovely time and would recommend to anyone who loves animals!"

Dee Vaughan, Carmarthenshire , 27 June 2023

"Thanks to Kim for a fantastic visit to feed the giraffes it was amazing she's very friendly and informative and could tell she loves all the animals in the park which is amazing to hear her passion for her work. I would highly recommend this experience it's so amazing to be so close to these awesome animals."

Sallie Fawcett, Doncaster , 23 June 2023

"Gosh, what a wonderful experience. Myself and my mum fed the giraffes, two of them came over to us and they are big but so friendly and gentle. Had a bucket of different foods but best of all, giving the pellets which you experience the tongue etc fabulous. The keeper that was with us was really nice, patient and told us lots of facts about them, would definitely do this experience again."

Samantha Paul, Bridgend , 05 June 2023

"What a brilliant experience my sisters had feeding giraffes! They received this as a birthday gift and was over the moon! Pippa was amazing and answered all their questions as they are both in university training to be vets! It is something we would definitely do again when visiting as it is such good value for money. We had such a brilliant day. Thank you Folly farm team and Pippa especially!"

Charlotte Phillips, Swansea , 04 June 2023

"Enjoyed my experience. Meg was very knowledgeable and answered my family's questions too. Excellent."

Daphne Gwyther, Broadmoor , 02 June 2023

"Was bought a feed the giraffe experience for my birthday. It was absolutely amazing and Becky the keeper was brilliant, she explained so much about the personalities of the three giraffes. Never have I ever thought I would be able to touch let alone feed a giraffe but today blew me away. Would definitely recommend a feeding experience for everyone."

Jules Convoice, Letterston , 10 May 2023

"Nothing can prepare you for the moment when you are up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. This was an unforgettable experience and our knowledgeable guide Becky really enhanced the visit. Thank you for the incredible memories."

Steven Howlett, Swansea , 03 May 2023

"What an amazing experience, Becky was absolutely brilliant and although we only got to feed one of the giraffes it was the best day ever. I didn't realise we would be so close to him, I will definitely be doing it again."

Claire Hammond, Llandybie , 08 April 2023

"Amazing experience, keeper was so kind and helpful with all the questions we had about how they look after them and you can tell they are very well looked after and loved by everyone! Looking forward to next year to do it all over again."

Ema Lockton, Nottingham , 27 March 2023

"It was an amazing experience. I would recommend anyone to do this. I would definitely do this again."

Lisa Webb, Caerphilly, 06 March 2023

"Fabulous experience to be so up close to the three giraffes. Always had a love for the animals since being young. This was a 60th birthday treat for myself. Something I've always wanted to do. Callum was very informatiove and answered all questions asked, very nice guy. Thoroughly enjoyable time."

Jackie Paul, Gwent, 01 March 2023

"Wow. What am amazing experience. From the time we entered the enclosure to the time we left the giraffe keeper Pippa was informative and helpful. The experience was so wonderful and exciting to be able to get up so close to the animal that you have admired since you were a little girl is unbelievable. Would do it again in a heart beat. Well done Folly Farm."

Tim Wesgate, Cardiff , 22 January 2023

"Turned up to Folly Farm thinking it was going to be a small affair, as the view from the road lends itself to that assumption. Boy was I wrong. This place seems to stretch on forever. Had a fantastic time in with the giraffes, was eagerly greeted by two members of staff at the enclosure whom answered all my questions and even came away with a head full of giraffe slobber. Absolutely enjoyed it."

Hayley Chisholm, Prestatyn , 14 January 2023

"Absolutely amazing experience, the zoo keeper was very kind and she explained loads of facts about giraffes. She also helped my step daughter when she was nervous. Very amazing experience, will definitely do it again."

Lowri John, Carway , 11 December 2022

"Highly recommend the giraffe experience as a gift for any age. Bought for me during lockdown and Folly Farm have honoured the gift. As it's winter the giraffes were indoors but that didn't affect our experience. Our keeper Meg was extremely engaging and knowledgeable and we chatted about the animals and farm as we fed the giraffes. We loved our cuddly toys to take home."

Tracey Lawrence, Newport , 27 November 2022

"My wife and autistic son did the experience. Son was very nervous, but the keeper was fantastic with him. Both really enjoyed the experience."

Richard Mooney, Telford , 24 October 2022

"A brilliant day out with my daughter and the experience day was for her. She loved feeding the giraffes. All staff are great and a huge thank you to our keeper, a true gent."

Mike Mills, Machynlleth , 01 October 2022

"Had this gifted to me in 2019 and due to covid had to be postponed. My first praise is with the team in extending the date of my voucher and providing me with a date three years after the purchase - incredible! Next praise is for the experience itself. What a morning! Pippa was our zoo keeper for the experience and she was so lovely. Everything was explained and giraffes were just wonderful. Best day!"

Beth Evans, Fishguard, 18 September 2022

"Had a great day. Really enjoyed the experience with the giraffes. Would recommend."

Seren Jones, Tredegar, 18 September 2022

"Very lovely experience, keeper was attentive and answered questions well and of course the giraffes were amazing!"

Emily M, Kent, 01 September 2022

"Very lovely experience, lovely park. I would love to come back again soon with the grandkids. They would love everything about the park."

Annette Hall, Reading, 19 August 2022

"We had an amazing time during our giraffe experience they are my favourite animals and to be able to get close and hand feed them was an out of this world, an experience I won't forget. Our keepers Dylan and Rachel were amazing providing us with all the relevant information to totally enjoy our experience, answering our questions and taking photos of us with the giraffes Rudy, Rian and Taharqa."

Leanne Vaughan, Pontypridd , 13 August 2022

"Big thank you to Rachel for an amazing giraffe experience. My daughter and I love feeding the giraffes. We have done it every year for my daughter's birthday since she turned 8. I think it's become a birthday tradition! It was so nice to meet Rudi up close and to learn about the giraffes again."

Amy Lewis, Milford Haven, 28 July 2022

"Amazing experience! I got the experience as a gift just before covid hit and it unfortunately was put off for a long time as a result. However when I finally went, zookeeper Rachel was fantastic. She was excited and encouraging, told us lots of information, answered any questions we had and offered to take pictures for us. The certificate and toy at the end was a lovely personal touch too!"

Jodie Johnson, Sutton Coldfield, 20 July 2022

"My son was gifted this experience for Christmas. He was super excited and it really did not disappoint. The keeper was fantastic. Caring, knowledgeable and patient. The weather was fantastic, which I’m sure only helped but the whole day from start to finish was spot on. Thanks everyone! Rudy the soft toy giraffe now also has a very loving home."

Hannah Jones, Aberporth, 10 July 2022

"I got my daughter this experience for her 8th birthday and wow! What an amazing day she had. From start to finish the giraffe feeding experience was perfect! Zoo keeper Meg was amazing. So friendy, full of smiles and was more than happy to answer all our questions. My daughter has now decided she wants to be like zoo keeper Meg! Thank you for a great experience and we will definitely be back!"

Rebecca Buchanan, Chester, 07 July 2022

"Totally amazing, the staff member Meg was lovely and really added to the whole experience. She was really friendly and very informative to all my questions. To have the opportunity to interact and feed these gentle giants and learn about their personalities is something I will cherish. Thank you Meg and Folly Farm for all you wonderful work, I for one will be back."

Tracey Williams, Tonypandy, 04 July 2022

"We had the best time feeding the giraffes on world giraffe day! The lady leading the experience was lovely, so enthusiastic about the giraffes too! We then spent the rest of the day exploring the rest of the attractions. Lovely day out. I thoroughly recommend!"

Charlotte Mackley, Saundersfoot, 21 June 2022

"I did the giraffe feeding experience with my fiancé and it was incredible. Giraffes are my all time favourite animal and to be so up close to them was an amazing experience. The keeper (unfortunately can’t remember her name) was fantastic and really informative. Would definitely recommend this experience!"

Rosalyn Cordingley, Ceredigion, 04 June 2022

"Our keeper was really informative and answered all of our questions. Levi had a lovely time feeding Taharqa & Rudi. Thank you for a lovely experience."

Gemma Powell, Bridgend, 31 May 2022

"We had a brilliant experience feeding the giraffes at Folly Farm. The keeper was so knowledgeable, friendly and made the experience really enjoyable by giving us lots of information and answering any questions we had. We didn’t feel at all rushed and felt we had plenty of time to enjoy the experience and interact with the giraffes. Thank you so much!"

Amy Watkins, Merthyr Tydfil, 30 May 2022

"The giraffe experience was fantastic. I was given a bucket with different leaves and pellets to feed them. Three of the giraffes came over. You can really appreciate their size when you are stood so close to them. They are so gentle taking the food from you. Pippa was great at telling us all about them and answering any questions. I'd love to do it again and will be looking at the others available."

Sara Josey, Saundersfoot, 21 May 2022

"I had the best day. I have always wanted to be drooled on by a giraffe and that is what I got. The best experience to be able to touch and feed an amazing animal. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get close to their favourite animal. A day I won't forget. The staff member I had was very nice and friendly too."

Kim Murphy, Derbyshire, 15 May 2022

"The giraffe feeding experience was a surprise present for my husband who is mad about giraffes. He and I loved it, the most magical experience. The feeding took place in the barn, and it felt like a privilege to get so close. Pippa was very good at answering our questions and was kind enough to take lots of photos. We loved our giraffe gifts, they now have pride of place in our camper van."

Lorna Wilson, Isle of Wight , 11 May 2022

"Dream come true! It has always been a dream of mine to feed giraffes and have that closeness with my favourite animal. Amazing from start to finish. I had a lovely zoo keeper who was so informative and friendly. She made me feel at ease and made the experience run smoothly. The amount of time is short but it is one I’ll never forget. Perfect. I had the best time!"

Steff Williams, Brackla , 04 April 2022

"Amazing experience to feed the giraffes and so much so we are booked for the rhino feeding experience."

Hayley Neil, Newport , 22 February 2022

"Amazing experience for my 30th birthday. Pippa was so lovely and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves giraffes to give it a go."

Alice Louis Pritchberg, Pontardawe , 21 February 2022

"Really enjoyed the experience with the giraffes."

Luke Depledge, Sheffield , 12 February 2022

"A lovely experience. Prepare for plenty of drool! The giraffes are truly gorgeous animals, curious and sweet. Experience lasted approximately 30 minutes. A lovely certificate and soft toy to bring home along with memories to treasure."

Joanna Goodwin, Monmouthshire , 29 January 2022

"What a wonderful experience! It was inside which was good due to weather but it was fantastic to be so close to such gorgeous animals, highly recommend. Me and my 11 year old daughter did it and loved it. The keeper was very friendly and really knowledgable. Thank you!"

Clare Tracey, Cardiff , 09 January 2022

"Christmas present off my husband. Wow what an experience, really enjoyed it. Best experience ever, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Would love to do it all over again. Thank you to the keeper, she was very informative."

Christine Bromell, Worcester , 19 September 2021

"Thoroughly enjoyed my feeding experience. It lasted around 15 minutes and got to talk to the keeper and explain how jealous I was of their job and talked lots about the animals and their personalities. Just a thoroughly enjoyable experience! The keeper was fantastic and explained everything thoroughly and what to do and it was just fantastic! Would definitely recommend to others!"

Jo Scone, Worcester , 19 August 2021

"My daughter did the giraffe feeding and she loved every minute of it. A very friendly staff member talked her through everything. Would highly recommend to anyone."

Daniel McManus, Liverpool , 11 June 2021

"We really enjoyed our giraffe experience. Pippa our keeper was really lovely and you can tell she loves what she does. I asked lots of questions and she was able to answer them all with ease. Seeing a giraffe up close is a pretty amazing thing and you get the true size of them when you're up and close with them. A really wholesome activity to do with these gentle giants. I highly recommend!"

Heather Johnston, Cardiff , 06 June 2021

"Wow! My daughter absolutely loved feeding the giraffe and learning a few things about them. It was over pretty quick but she wants to do it again already! It really did make her 10th birthday special. Thank you. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves animals. My daughter had always wanted to be a zoo keeper but has changed her mind as she's got older. Doing this experience has changed her mind again."

Claire Norris, Bridgend , 05 May 2021

"We arranged it for our daughter's 11th birthday and she had a wonderful time. The zoo keeper was fantastic and spent time answering questions, she was very knowledgeable. The giraffes are magnificent."

Lisa Lambly, Cardiff , 10 November 2020

"This experience was bought as a Christmas gift for my disabled mother who loved it! Jack, the zookeeper, was incredibly patient and very helpful throughout, ensuring Mum was ok and didn’t need to sit down. 10/10. The best Christmas gift she has received. Would definitely recommend. Fantastic value for money."

Samantha Lewtas, Haverfordwest , 30 October 2020

"It was absolutely amazing. I bought the giraffe experience for me and my daughter for her birthday as well as the giraffe adoption but we had to wait until now to do it due to lockdown. She was absolutely over the moon to see her name on the giraffe adoption board. Then we got to feed and smooth the giraffes which was just incredible. You could feel their tongue as they took pellets from your hand."

Amie Lewis, Pembrokeshire, 26 September 2020

"Pippa was amazing and so knowledgeable. No question was too silly. I had the best time and will definitely be booking to feed them again."

Elizabeth Howell, Haverfordwest , 12 March 2020

"Brought my daughter for her birthday and what amazing experience. Something we'll never forget! Not every day you can say you fed a giraffe...well unless you look after them! Staff were lovely and full of information, even the new guy who was training to do the experience. Can't thank you all enough."

Carly and Ffion Harris, Swansea , 01 March 2020

"The experience was great, the keeper was friendly and knowledgeable, telling me so much about the giraffes. Getting to meet them so close up was fantastic. Would love to do again."

Simon Bird, Gloucestershire , 25 February 2020

"Excellent experience and a very good day despite very bad weather. Very much recommended."

David Hinton, Raunds , 20 February 2020

"Really enjoyed this birthday present. The weather was horrible but didn't put a damper on my visit. Great experience."

Janet Hughes, Neath , 01 February 2020

"Excellent experience, zoo keeper very informative and all our questions answered. My mother has limited mobility but this didn't affect the experience as the keeper was very patient and considerate. It was amazing to get up so close to the giraffes and they were very gentle when taking the food. Would highly recommend this activity."

Tricia Morgan, Port Talbot , 25 September 2019

"Was bought this giraffe experience by my son as a gift. I am a massive fan of giraffes and always have been. I had the most amazing experience feeding them, and being so close to them! I was by myself, so had them all to myself, another bonus. They are soft and gentle, and amazing animals! The keeper was lovely and very informative, and knowledgeable. Had a fab day. I will be back next year."

Stephanie Walters, Caerphilly , 19 September 2019

"Had a lovely day out at Folly Farm, with family and friends, but the highlight had to be meeting and feeding the giraffes. I'm unsure if it was good value for money as it was a gift but all I can say is I thoroughly enjoyed it as love giraffes. The zoo keepers, including Jack, were excellent, providing interesting info and answering all types of questions."

Andrew Bell, Pontypridd , 14 September 2019

"Feeding giraffes is on my bucket list and this is the second time I have done it at Folly Farm. It’s a brilliant experience with the friendly knowledgeable keepers telling us lots about giraffes generally and in particular the group at Folly Farm. I made some great memories and have some great photos to look back on. I will most definitely be back to do it again."

Sarah McAnulty, Northampton , 01 September 2019

"I was brought a giraffe feeding experience as a present, upon arrival at Folly Farm we were greeted in a friendly manner and walked down to the giraffe house. After a few moments the keeper arrived with a big bucket of leaves and food. The whole experience was very relaxed and friendly, it was great to feed such beautiful animals and be told information about them. I would highly recommend this!"

Alexandra Hall, West Midlands , 01 September 2019

"Amazing experience. Better than I could ever have imagined! Been wanting to do this for years and was surprised with it that morning. Keeper was very knowledgeable and made the experience very personal and unforgettable. Would definitely recommend."

Julie Hill, Swansea , 30 August 2019

"Had a wonderfull day at your farm and zoo. The giraffe feeding was a birthday present (65th) and my grandson's lion feeding experience for his 18th birthday present. The keepers are so informative and friendly. The sun was shining and showed everything in all its glory. I highly recommend the feeding experience and the visit - a wonderfull day out."

Marilyn James, Cardiff, 24 August 2019

"This was a gift from my children and we then bought another for my daughter for the same day! It was a wonderful experience to get up close and personal, the giraffes are so graceful and gentle, and gladly, very hungry. The gift was fun, a soft toy, fab for the younger ones! Your keeper, Pippa, was very friendly, a credit to Folly Farm."

Samantha Williams, Llanelli , 20 August 2019

"We brought the giraffe experience for my daughter who absolutely loves giraffes. She is 8 years old and absolutely loved the experience. The giraffe keepers were especially good,very knowledgeable and made the experience fun. We will definitely book again. The whole zoo was a great place to visit."

Keith Butler, Marlow , 14 August 2019

"Fantastic experience, something I’ll never forget. Very well organised. Staff friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Family were able to get close whilst I was feeding so that they could take photos. Such a great day out overall. Would highly recommend."

Karen Champ, Staffordshire , 13 August 2019

"Amazing, excellent day. Got really close to giraffes, wasn't rushed along at all. Staff were helpful, patient and informative. Spent a lot of time afterwards talking to them. Would recommend this experience, loved it."

Pat Edis, West Midlands , 13 August 2019

"This experience was booked for my daughters 11th birthday. When booking the experience staff were very helpful even when I changed the date. On the day it was raining heavily but the giraffes didn’t mind! An amazing experience for my daughter who later told me it was her dream to do this. Well worth it!"

Cerys Brown, Llanelli , 03 August 2019

"Absolutely amazing experience getting up close to the giraffes. Very friendly and helpful staff who provide lots of information about the giraffes you are feeding."

Tiffany Heather, Merthyr Tydfil , 03 August 2019

"Took the wife for the giraffe experience. She totally loved it. The lady who did the experience from Folly farm was very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Folly Farm. Remember animal experiences are not just for kids! The wife wants to do it again."

Craig Phillips, Chester , 01 August 2019

"We came to Folly Farm for my giraffe experience. I've been wanting to do it for years and it finally happened. It was amazing! And have so many photos to keep from it. Thankyou so much to the keeper, she was lovley! 4 days later we were back at Folly Farm to show some of our family around. See you next year and thankyou once again."

Sam Watts, Hereford , 16 July 2019

"I booked the giraffe experience as a present for my mother, who has always loved giraffes and I wasn't disappointed. The giraffe keeper was very knowledgeable about her animals and was not only happy to answer all of our questions but she also seemed to take genuine pleasure in doing so, showing a keen interest throughout. A great experience and one which I hope to do again. Highly recommended."

Chris Watts, Bridgend , 04 July 2019

"I had such an amazing time at the giraffe feeding experience. The keeper was so friendly and chatty. Answering any questions that my nephews had. I've always loved giraffes and it was so nice to get up close to them. The little teddy at the end was an extra bonus!"

Debbie Thomas, Cardigan , 29 June 2019

"My daughter Dylan did the giraffe experience and thought it was the most fun thing she's ever done. We all thoroughly enjoyed it as well as we got to learn more about giraffes and their feeding habits. The man who led the experience was so informative and nice, telling us all kinds of cool facts about giraffes. I would totally recommend this for anyone who wants to get up close with animals."

Julie Joyce, USA , 25 June 2019

"This was bought for my 30th as it's been my dream to get so close and to feed these beautiful animals. From booking the date to arriving the staff was amazing. The two zoo keepers answered all my questions and went above and beyond to make my dream come true. So thank you so much."

Natalie Lammert, Pontllanfraith , 23 June 2019

"Amazing. Friendly, informative staff. Definitely worth doing, giving life long memories. The giraffes were so gentle, fantastic being so close to them. It's obvious they are so well looked after. Even came home with my very own giraffe."

Jess Morgan, Swansea , 22 June 2019

"My family adopted a giraffe and paid for the experience for my birthday last year so we coincided it with Father’s Day and eight of us went along. My children and grandchildren really enjoyed it and I was ecstatic as the photos that they took showed. We had a full day there as we started when it opened and stayed until it closed. As I said to my family I wish I could rewind and do it all over again."

Wendy Brennan, Penarth , 16 June 2019

"Excellent event that my elderly mother was absolutely thrilled with. The keepers were lovely, friendly and enabling. Lovely day."

Gill Heavens, Devon , 15 June 2019

"This was a birthday present for my dad and my 8 year old son. My son absolutely loved the experience, he is really passionate about animals and this just totally made his birthday and year. He loved Rachel and how informative she was. My dad thought the experience was incredible too! He was in awe of being so close to such incredible animals. I loved that we could see the and watch the joy on their faces. Phenomenal!"

Kathryn Donovan, Barry , 28 May 2019

"Feeding the giraffes was such an amazing experience that I will never forget. Gentle giants. Jack the keeper was so knowledgeable and interesting. My boyfriend gave me the experience as a gift and I feel very fortunate to have done this. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Jack and the giraffes."

Cathy Mirtle, Cardiff , 22 May 2019

"We booked this amazing experience for our 8 year old and he loved every second. It was so amazing being so close to them. We learnt lots of interesting fact from the keeper and it felt so special for my son. He wants to do it again on our next visit."

Nicola Price, Pontypridd , 04 May 2019

"Totally Fabulous experience. The keeper that day was a very pleasant young man called Jack. His knowledge and love of these magnificent creatures was astounding he obviously loves his job and made the experience wonderful."

Sheila Howorth, Llandeilo , 30 April 2019

"We had an excellent time feeding the giraffes. The keepers were extremely knowledgeable and friendly and took time to help my daughter (who was a little weary) with the experience. They answered all her questions and made us all feel a part of the experience. Thank you very much!"

Ellie Crimmings, Aberdare , 26 April 2019

"I received the giraffe experience as a special birthday present for my 60th birthday from work colleagues. I love giraffes and was so excited on the day. They were amazing, gentle creatures. The two zoo keepers were very informative and answered all the questions I had. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone. Such a memorable day."

Karen Durham, Haverfordwest , 22 April 2019

"I loved how the giraffes curled their tongues around my hand while feeding them the pellets. I also simply adore Jeremy (the name of my giraffe soft toy, the free gift they gave me at the end). The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Booking was efficient and the experience helped to bring home the importance of conserving these beautiful animals."

Jane and Cari Davies, Llanelli , 21 April 2019

"Fantastic. I would like to have been a little bit closer but it was still superb."

Tasha Mathias, Burry Port , 19 April 2019

"This was an amazing experience! The keepers were fantastic, polite, kind and full of knowledge about the giraffes. A huge thank you!"

Debbie Holland, Bracknell, 14 April 2019

"We had a really great time. The zoo keeper was very nice and informative."

Rebecca Stockton, Crewe , 09 April 2019

"Wow what an amazing day! Our 9 year old giraffe mad daughter loved every minute of the giraffe feeding experience. It was, in her own words, the best day ever! Pippa made it truly memorable for all of us, happily answering all of our daughter's many questions and making Daisy feel relaxed and happy to take part in all aspects of the experience, even the giraffe slobber! We can't thank you all enough."

Jackie Davis, Salisbury , 07 April 2019

"Most enjoyable. We were met by the keeper who explained about the giraffes and how to feed them. She gave each of us a bucket and stayed with us as we fed the giraffes. She answered all our queries and questions and was very knowledgable and helpful. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

Barbara Chisnall, Hampshire , 20 March 2019

"An absolutely amazing experience. You really don’t realise just how big giraffes are until they're bending their necks to take food out of your hand. Would highly recommend this to any giraffe lover. The keeper was brilliant too."

Niamh Preece, Pembrokeshire , 03 March 2019

"It was an amazing experience. Pippa the giraffe keeper was great. Pippa explained all about the giraffes and how they are kept at Folly Farm. She was patient, kind and very knowledgeable . Would 100% recommend the experience."

Angela Brown, Milford Haven , 01 February 2019

"Although the giraffes already come close to the Giraffe Heights platform, it was a different experience feeding them. It made you fully appreciate their size and the keeper was very helpful answering all the questions. It was lovely that family could get close enough to get photos of the experience but the keeper also took lots from floor level. Lovely also that friends at home could watch over the live web cam too. I wish I had got a little longer with the giraffes as it's my favourite part of the zoo. I would definitely have a go at another exerience. The gift was a lovely touch at the end."

Colette Mumford, Walsall , 04 December 2018

"Four of us took part in the experience - myself, my son and my niece and nephew. Ages 50 down to 8! Loved it, the keeper was very friendly and knowledgable about giraffes and what gentle giants they are! Would definitely recommend it. My only negative is that after paying for the experience we also had to pay entry to Folly Farm and yes we did spend time in the rest of the farm but I feel if you are paying for an experience then entry should be free or a small amount. Or add a small amount onto the experience to cover entry. 8 of us went in total so I feel only four should have paid entry. But otherwise Folly Farm in the winter months is great, nice and quiet and a really relaxing day! Thank you to the keeper for making it exciting and a joyful experience!"

Nik Gamble, Cardiff , 18 November 2018

"Absolutely amazing experience. Pippa, the giraffe keeper, was brilliant. Thanks."

Lowri Lewis, Llandovery , 31 October 2018

"Amazing experience! My daughter loves feeding the giraffe. The keeper was fantastic and happy to answer all questions!"

Victoria Mitchell, Neath , 28 October 2018

"Had such an amazing experience feeding the giraffes. The giraffe keeper was super friendly and very knowledgeable. Thank you for a fantastic day."

Sarah Shaw, Swansea , 27 October 2018

"I had a wonderful time guided by the lovely Pippa feeding the giraffes. We had luck with the weather and the blue skies in the photographs provide a great memory of the day. Thanks for the cuddly toy memento!"

Rosalyn Dyer, Devon , 22 October 2018

"Birthday present from my little boy with my favourite animal. Amazing experience with amazing animals. The keepers were lovely. There was no feeling of having to rush it. Brilliant from start to finish."

Sarah Eynon, Haverfordwest , 20 October 2018

"I received the giraffe experience as a birthday present from my husband and as I've always loved giraffes, I was beyond excited to take part. I was not left disappointed with my visit. Just being around and up close to these amazing, gentle animals was fantastic. The keepers who took the experience were fantastic and covered a lot of facts about the giraffes as well as their daily routines. They were happy to answer any questions you had and I loved that they didn't make you feel rushed to get the experience over with. They made me feel very welcome and felt like I could take my time to enjoy. They were happy for my partner and stepson to watch from the side and for me to have some pictures taken while I fed the giraffes. Overall I had a fantastic time during my experience, I have some lovely photos to go away with my memories and to top it off was even given a soft toy giraffe when I left which I loved as an extra touch! I would definitely recommend one of these experiences to make a fab time at Folly Farm that extra special."

Danielle Jarvis, Neath , 15 October 2018

"My son had a wonderful experience feeding the giraffes. He couldn't believe how gentle they were! Amazing to watch these beautiful animals feeding. The zoo keepers are lovely and was a pleasure having them both make Oliver feel calm and relaxed, he was a bit nervous initially. But loved every moment of it!"

Katie Watts, Bridgend, 09 October 2018

"Brilliant experience thank you. I have now done the penguins, rhinos and giraffes...lions next."

Jan Brokenshire, Saundersfoot , 29 September 2018

"A fantastic experience. The keeper made us feel very welcome and explained about the animals and answered any questions. I was not sure what to expect but loved every minute of it. The experience was a gift and it was certainly a day out I will always remember. I would recommend a feeding experience as a special gift especially at Folly Farm."

Jacqueline Hatton, Manchester , 24 September 2018

"We bought the giraffe feeding experience for my daughter as a birthday surprise while we were visiting the area on holiday. She had an amazing time! The giraffe keeper was so friendly and knowledgeable and also told her all about the giraffes and their different personalities! She was made up to be given her own individual bucket of food to feed them and thoroughly enjoyed getting so close to such beautiful animals. 10 out of 10, would recommend to anyone!"

Vicky Jones, Llandudno , 12 September 2018

"Had a great time feeding the giraffes. It's amazing to get so close to these lovely animals. Giraffes are one of my favourite animals too. Lovely friendly staff. Would definitely recommend it to people. I already want to do it again."

Jasmine Green, Carmarthen , 09 September 2018

"Keeper Pippa was fantastic. I explained that my son (and I) had anxiety just before the feeding session as well as on a list to be tested for autism and Keeper Pippa was really calm and helpful. She provided lots of information and answered all of our questions. Would definitely recommend her and the experience. The experience overall was an absolute joy."

Sally Donovan, Risca , 07 September 2018

"Best birthday present ever! What a memory for my 18th...a gooey giraffe tongue wrapped around my hands slobbering! Able to take loads of pictures and my family were so close they felt like they had the experience too."

Tomas Owen Edmunds, Maesteg , 04 September 2018

"This was my daughter's birthday treat. Both my daughter and niece had a fantastic time and loved every moment. The keeper was lovely and friendly and made the girls feel quite at ease. She answered every question and just made the whole experience better. An amazing memory for them and an experience that I would do again. Thank you."

Joanna Davies, Swansea , 25 August 2018

"It was an amazing experience! Staff were friendly and had good knowledge. Only thing...more food in the bucket."

Chloe Hood, Milford Haven , 25 August 2018

"The staff knew all the answers to every question and it was cool feeding such a gracious animal."

Cameron Bews, Swansea , 17 August 2018

"Fantastic experience. Zoo keeper exceptionally knowledgeable and amazing to spent time so close to the giraffes. Definitely recommend this experience."

Beth Griffiths, Carmarthenshire , 16 August 2018

"Bought the experience for my daughter for her birthday. It was fantastic for her to get up close with the giraffes, she loved learning all about them from the keepers. She was mesmerised by the giraffes and loved hand feeding them, she had a massive smile on her face from start to finish. Would highly recommend the experience."

Carol Owen, Bridgend , 13 August 2018

"I have always loved giraffes so when I was up close to them I loved them even more. Fabulous experience."

Tonia Thomas, Carmarthen , 13 August 2018

"I really enjoyed. The zoo keeper, Kim, was very informative. A great experience would recommend to others."

Caitlin Hughes, Carmarthen , 07 August 2018

"Very friendly keepers who answered all our questions and were obviously just as enamoured with the giraffes as we were. Could have stayed there and fed them all day (probably not a good idea for the giraffes!). An unforgettable experience that any giraffe lover should do. Wonderful to be so close to them. The giraffes were very gentle and we were pleased Rian made the effort to stay with us!"

Paula Mackey, Treorchy , 04 August 2018

"Our daughter Alyssa had a great time feeding the giraffes at Folly Farm. The whole park is very well maintained and great value for money."

Anthony Tullett, Birmingham , 31 July 2018

"Such a privilege to see these gentle creatures up close and learn more about them. Keeper was friendly and happy to answer questions. Brilliant experience."

Christine Hewitt, Solihull, 16 May 2018

"Fab experience, really informative and good fun. Would recommend to everyone."

Sarah Bolt, Swansea , 13 May 2018

"I would like to thank you for this wonderful experience of meeting and feeding these beautiful majestic animals. The keeper was very informative and knowledgeable and all staff well mannered and polite. I had an awesome day as part of my 70th birthday present. Thank you."

June Lloyd, Barry , 28 April 2018

"I bought the giraffe experience for my mum for her birthday. She loves giraffes and we had seen other people feeding them on a previous visit, and I knew she would enjoy it. She had a great time getting up close to the giraffes and meeting their knowledgeable keepers. It was an day to remember and made treasured memories."

Emma Abbott, Brecon , 24 April 2018

"I had two zoo keeper experiences for my 40th birthday,one with the giraffes and one with the penguins. It was great to get up close to the animals and I really enjoyed the experience. The staff are so friendly and informative and clearly love what they do! It is a great day out even if you don't have children! We are very lucky to have such a place on our doorstep, as being local we can go anytime we want! Would recommend as a gift for any age birthday, young or old!"

Rebecca Nelson, Tenby , 07 April 2018

"Had a lovely day on our first visit. Impressed with the cleanliness, layout and such friendly staff. Brilliant experience feeding the giraffes and have recommended to our friends to do. Will be visiting again."

Sara Williams, Mumbles , 27 March 2018

"My boyfriend bought me the experience for my birthday. He researched and found that this one was rated the best in the UK. It did not disappoint! I love giraffes and being that close to them and being able to feed them was amazing. It made my birthday unforgettable. Thank you Folly Farm!"

Ashleigh Kemp, Essex , 24 March 2018

"Been visiting Folly Farm for about 10 years, giraffes have always been my favourite. My husband bought me the experience for my birthday and I was super excited to feed them. It was great to be up close with the giraffes and having them taking food from my hand. It was also good to have the keeper giving a talk at the same time. I got to ask questions and felt they were answered brilliantly. I would definitely do it again."

Kirsti Norton, Huddersfield , 23 March 2018

"I bought the giraffe experience as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. Pippa, the Keeper, was great. Full of interesting facts about the three male giraffes, she answered all of our questions! And as for the stars of the show, the 'boys', they did not disappoint and we really did get up close and personal...and a little covered in giraffe drool! But it all added to the overall experience, which we would both recommend!"

Robyn Stanley, Port Talbot , 03 March 2018

"Best time giraffes more than anything. Visited more zoos than I could name in here. And this was my first one to one with giraffes. The zoo keeper was brilliant any questions I had answered and explained, you could see how much she loved the animals and her job. Best money I've spent having that experience, then me and my boyfriend spent another two hours loving the zoo."

Bethan Rogers, Shrewsbury , 25 February 2018

"I had the most amazing experience feeding the giraffes to get so close to them and touch them was amazing, they are my all time favourite. Pippa the keeper was so lovely. I'm still buzzing about my experience. Thank you so much Folly Farm."

Belinda James, Cwmbran , 06 February 2018

"I had this as a birthday present. The keeper was very friendly and informative, and we got a tour around the giraffe’s enclosure. I would highly recommend this to others."

Caitlin Price, Merthyr Tydfil , 01 February 2018

"My husband and I treated our daughter to the giraffe experience as she loves giraffes. She absolutely loved getting up close to them. We all enjoyed it. The keeper was really informative and answered all our questions. I thought it was excellent value for money to get up close to these majestic creatures."

Rachel Oakley, Hampshire , 06 January 2018

"We booked both the penguin and giraffe experiences as a surprise for mum's 70th birthday. It was easy to book over the phone. First came the giraffes, and after visiting their indoor area we all watched as mum got up close and stroked these magnificent animals as she fed them. It was relaxed and unhurried."

Gina Fox, Pembrokeshire , 09 October 2017

"I loved it! Received as a birthday gift and it was amazing. Rach and Dylan were so informative and helpful. Giraffes are my favourite and to be that close feeding them was so good."

Nicola Gussow, Bridgend , 20 July 2017

"To have a giraffe eating out of my hand was one of the things I have wanted to do for years. I really enjoyed the experience, the keeper was very knowledgeable and friendly."

Georgina, Llantwit Fadre , 20 July 2017

"We really enjoyed the giraffe experience. The location was great that we watch so close by. Excellent thank you."

Carley Kelkett, Neath , 14 July 2017

"I took my son for his 10th birthday and it was incredible. The time the keeper gave to my son and the access to the incredible giraffes was amazing. It was also lovely that myself and my friend were able to be with him to see him experience it. Excellent."

Jayne Hayward, Lowestoft , 02 July 2017

"Mummy and daddy bought me this for a Christmas treat…it was fantastic! The giraffes are so massive but gentle, their big black tongues almost wrapped around my hands but I wasn't scared they were so lovely."

Janie Smith, Saundersfoot , 01 July 2017

"Last Summer I went to Folly Farm to do the giraffe experience! Which was fantastic. The keeper's name was Rachael, she was so friendly, full of info and an obvious love for giraffes! They're such gentle giants."

Rhian Murphy, Port Talbot , 01 June 2017

"Amazing experience, very informative and enjoyable. Would do it all again."

Jane Prior, Bristol , 04 February 2017

"My daughter and my two nephews thoroughly enjoyed the experience of feeding the giraffes, one was shy but the others were eating food from their hands. The staff were very helpful/friendly."

Caroline Jones, St Clears , 10 January 2017

"The staff were friendly and informative. The experience was better than I had imagined. I loved it."

Danni Bowers, Haverfordwest , 28 October 2016

"I had a fab time feeding the giraffes, the keeper was very friendly and really informative. I enjoyed every minute of it!"

Fiona Kelly, Swansea , 25 October 2016

"Really enjoyed the keepers talk she was able to answer any questions I asked. Also enjoyed the hands on experience of feeding the giraffes even the slobber! Would book again. Thank you."

David Powell, Cwmbran, 23 October 2016

"Great opportunity for giraffe lovers. We were introduced to each giraffe and given their background and age. Then we got to feed them which was amazing. The zookeeper was very knowledgeable, friendly and was very passionate about them. Loved it! Thank you."

Elaine O’Grady, Hereford , 22 October 2016

"Rachel was very friendly and knowledgeable. She really made sure we enjoyed our experience. The giraffes are amazing, it was fantastic to be so close and feed them by hand. A truly incredible experience that I would recommend to any giraffe lover."

Arron Price, Swansea , 21 October 2016

"Very interesting keepers, giving lots of information and answering all questions that were asked. Can tell they both love their work and animals."

Jenna Balbini, Cross Hands , 16 October 2016

"I received the giraffe experience as a birthday present from my husband. Just being around and up close to these amazing gentle animals was fantastic. The keepers who took the experience were fantastic. They were happy to answer any questions you had and I loved that they didn't make you feel rushed to get the experience over with. I would definitely recommend one of these experiences to make a fab time at Folly Farm even more special."

Danielle Jarvis, Neath , 07 October 2016

"What an amazing experience I had when I fed the beautiful giraffes. The keeper was brilliant at answering any questions I had and I spent ages feeding them."

Sue Fossett, Bridgend , 26 July 2016

"I had this as a birthday present. The keeper was very friendly and informative, and we got a tour around the giraffe’s enclosure. I would highly recommend this to others."

Caitlin Price, Merthyr Tydfil , 16 July 2016

"Fantastic experience. Who would have thought in West Wales you could feed a giraffe!"

Beryl Evans, Llangeitho , 03 March 2016

"I took my son for his 10th birthday and it was incredible. The time the keeper gave to my son and the access to the incredible giraffes was amazing. It was also lovely that myself and my friend were able to be with him to see him experience it. Excellent."

Jayne Howard, Lowestoft , 07 February 2016

Four star reviews

"Great experience."

Jane Nicholls, Cardiff, 2 December 2023

"It was fun, my girls enjoyed it a lot. However, £75 for a annual pass holder is too expensive for a 20 minute feeding experience."

David Allen, Milford Haven,

"Thoroughly enjoyed it. If any negative feedback I would say a tad expensive."

Dianne Silvester, Pembrokeshire , 22 September 2022

"Was an excellent experience for my daughter's 8th birthday. The negatives are: longer time with the giraffes and keeper (maybe taken around the enclosure obviously not inside) and the admission fee is included in the experience fee."

Cassie Jennings, Bridgend , 15 September 2018

"Had a lovely giraffe experience at Folly Farm with my children. The keeper was very friendly and informative. We all learnt a lot!"

Christina Thomas, Neath , 15 July 2017

Three star reviews

"This a great opportunity to get up close to these beautiful giants. The keeper was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed feeding the giraffes. However, compared to other giraffe encounters I have been privileged to do, this was a very short experience and lacked some of the ‘extras’ other providers offer. It’s also a shame you have to pay admission on top of the experience. Overall, a good day though."

Amy E, England , 23 February 2019

"Enjoyed very much but felt it was all quite rushed and expensive for the 10 minutes or so. Also did not have much food to feed the giraffes with as others in the group took most of it first! Individual buckets might be fairer."

Sioned Green, Abergele , 24 July 2018

Two star reviews

"For the price you pay you would expect the experience to last longer than 7 mins. We had to ask questions. Even where to wash our hands."

Danielle Hanford, Port Talbot , 16 July 2023

"£40 pp should include entry to the park."

Emma Casey, Broadlands , 30 June 2019
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