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Five star reviews

"Dan who did our experience was great full of information on each lion. My partner was just amazed with this experience. Thank you for a great time."

Michelle Barrett, Gloucester, 05 June 2024

"Excellent experience. Got close up to the lions but not too close! Really enjoyed."

Darren Jones, Tredegar, 29 May 2024

"A completely wonderful experience. Thank you. The keeper explained everything so well and engaged with me answering all our questions. All the animals were so we'll cared for and the position of the experience allowed my family to be part of it as well. Would definitely recommend this experience to others."

Lucy Thomas, Newport, 26 May 2024

"This was such a good experience being up close and feeding the lions, especially when holding the meat up high for the lion to stand tall holding on to the fence to get her meat."

Ann Challenger, Neath, 12 May 2024

"I brought this experience for my wife's 40th birthday because she loves lions, she had a wonderful time. Thank you."

Richard Davis, Tipton, 29 April 2024

"The whole family thoroughly enjoyed this feeding experience. The zoo keeper was very informative and due to the location of the feeding session, we all felt like we were involved with the experience."

Mathew Eynon, Carmarthenshire, 27 April 2024

"Absolutely brilliant experience, keeper so knowledgeable, thank you so much."

Jennie Dyer, Carmarthen, 08 April 2024

"I cannot truly express how grateful I was to be so close to Hugo, Luna and their cubs and to be able to feed them and learn about them. The keeper was very informative and willing to answer all questions. It will certainly be embedded into my core memories and will be recommending to friends and family. Thank you so much."

Chris Brimble, Newport, 24 March 2024

"The lion experience (including feeding) was truly amazing. Our keeper Megan really took a lot of time telling us about each and every lion and their different personalities. We will definitely be booking a return visit so we can take part in the rhino experience which Megan also recommended."

Karen and Mark Leigh, Monmouthshire, 16 March 2024

"Fantastic experience feeding the lions today. Gethin had the most amazing time. Special mention to the staff who helped to make the experience the best ever!"

Gethin Joyce, Treharris, 06 March 2024

"It was amazing. Keeper very understanding and helpful as I have autism. They allowed my mum to come with me as she is my carer. It was my 18th birthday the day I fed the lions. Can’t thank you enough for making my day extra special. Can highly recommend it. Out of this world."

Gethin Joyce, Treharris, 06 March 2024

"The lion feeding experience was incredible. The keeper was lovely, explaining about the personality of each lion. The lions just blew me away. Being so close and feeling the power from them as they roar and snarl and growl. The staff throughout were lovely and welcoming. Shout out to the two ladies in the cafe on the left as you walk into the park. They were excited for me and genuinely interested."

Charlie Robinson, Burnley, 28 February 2024

"An amazing experience. The Keeper, Callum, was excellent providing information on the pride throughout. The lions themselves were fabulous and whole experience will stay with me."

Colin Daters, Pembrokeshire, 26 February 2024

"We booked this experience for my son to take his 31 year old mentally disabled son. My grandson is still buzzing over it all as he always said he wanted to feed lions. He’s 31, and my son also said he’d never experienced anything like it, it was amazing. Dan the man, that was with them was absolutely brilliant, explaining everything. Well worth it. Only thing it rained all day. We’ve been numerous times over the years and nothing better for a day out for kids and adults. Thanks."

Lynn Hamer, Kilgetty, 25 February 2024

"A great experience with staff who were very knowledgeable, and shared their time willingly. At no point did we feel rushed or any question was off limit. We will definitely be making reservations for other experiences."

Stuart Farrow, Bridgend, 14 February 2024

"Absolutely amazing experience. Really informative and you really got to appreciate everything about the lions. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Better than other big cat feeding experiences I've done at other zoos."

David Taylor, Andover, Hampshire, 21 January 2024

"Me and my husband fed the lions and it was the best experience ever. Can't remember the keeper's name but he was extremely knowledgeable, we asked loads of questions, he was very informative, gave us loads of insight into the characteristics, living habits of lions. It really was a day we won't forget."

Becky Simcox, Walsall, 09 January 2024

"It was worth the years of waiting for my son to turn 16 to get to feed these amazing animals. Getting up so close was a real treat. The keeper who guided us through was excellent to. Happy to answer all questions and helped make the day a 10 out of 10. Another fantastic Folly Farm animal experience."

Katie Parker, Saundersfoot, 06 January 2024

"The lion feeding experience was fab! I can’t remember the name of the man leading the experience, but he was very informative and welcoming."

Ellie Evans, Llantrisant, 12 November 2023

"Absolutely amazing! Well worth the money. Keeper really knew his information and made the experience even more enjoyable Probably the most memorable day I will ever have! The time was nice and long, all questions were answered and I would recommend to anyone. Would love to come back and take part again."

Elisha Coburn, Pontypridd, 04 November 2023

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of feeding the lions. The keeper was knowledgeable about the lions with plenty of information."

Gethin Evans, Pencader, 01 November 2023

"An absolutely amazing experience, the zoo keeper was very knowledgeable. He made my son's 16th birthday very special."

Simon Horner, Llanelli, 28 October 2023

"We have done other animal experiences at Folly Farm and by far this was the best. The keeper was informative and engaging. The lions were beautiful and played their part wonderfully. I would recommend this experience to anyone."

Helena Horner, Carmarthenshire, 28 October 2023

"Fantastic experience. Just wish it lasted longer because it was amazing."

Becky Cornelius, Barry, 21 October 2023

"Excellent experience, keeper was friendly and informative. Grandchildren could see lions from the gallery."

June Bridgman, Newport, 14 October 2023

"Out of this world experience From visiting the enclosure, seeing what they eat and behind the scenes prep room to actually feeding the big cats outside with a crowd was absolutely mindblowing. All six lions came to be fed and even had a little knock about which was great and unique to see. Don't miss this experience!"

Leighton Haynes, Caerphilly, 07 October 2023

"Really, really happy with our experience. Lions were so cute and it was an experience that will be remembered forever. Zoo keeper was extremely friendly and gave us plenty of information. Fantastic can’t complain. Even got two lion plushies in honour of Hugo the male lion. Will be definitely be coming back to Folly Farm for the same experience again."

Mariya Chu, Birmingham , 04 October 2023

"Incredible experience my husband thoroughly enjoyed it and said the keeper spoke very well and was very knowledgeable."

Scott Arthur, Pembroke Dock , 30 September 2023

"My husband and me absolutely loved the lion feeding experience, it was brilliant. The lions were so gentle taking the meat off the tongs. It was so good to be so close to such magnificent animals. Peter the keeper was very knowledgeable. Our daughter and her friend were with us and were able to video the experience on their phones so we can watch it again and again. Loved it!"

Kathy Rogers, Balsall Common , 20 September 2023

"I ordered this lion feeding experience for my wife and daughter, they both loved it. I would definitely recommend this experience."

Joe Spencer, Worcester , 23 August 2023

"The lion experience was booked as a family treat. Both thought it was brilliant. To see big cats that close, feed them and have the keeper talk to us one on one was amazing."

Craig Walters, Gloucester , 18 August 2023

"Really great experience feeding the lions, zoo keeper was very informative when asking questions."

Daniel Davies, St Clears , 14 August 2023

"Loved our experience and thought it was value for money, we didn't feel rushed. Keeper Dan was very knowledgeable we left with amazing memories, fabulous pictures and the cutest lion soft toy."

Leanne Evans, Liverpool , 09 August 2023

"What an amazing experience. Received the gift for my 60th birthday and a Christmas present for my grown up daughter. The whole thing was just mind blowing. Dan the keeper was so informative and put us both at ease. We not only fed Luna but Hugo, the huge male lion, got involved too. Followed by the fun and delights of the rest of Folly Farm. Special memories made that really will take some beating."

Alan Palmer, Cumbria , 08 August 2023

"My lion experience was absolutely fab. I’ve been hoping and wishing to do it for such a long time. It did not disappoint it was amazing. I loved every single moment of my lion experience. From being greeted at the start to be taken to the where the fridges are. Standing so close to the lions was a brilliant experience in itself, let alone actually getting to feed them. It was amazing! Thank you!"

Becky Sunter, Lawrenny , 07 July 2023

"It was an amazing experience and very informative. Enjoyed every minute of it. Keeper Callum answered all our questions very well and was very professional and helpful throughout."

Jess Usher, Caerphilly , 01 July 2023

"Absolutely incredible experience for myself and my boyfriend. Keeper Callum was so knowledgeable and clearly has a love for the animals. The animals were in perfect condition and absolutely incredible up close! Can't wait to do it all over again. Thank you for making dreams come true!"

Kat Cullen, Milford Haven , 21 June 2023

"Would recommend the lion experience to everyone, my two kids (well young adults) absolutely loved it. To get up so close to these majestic animals was amazing, they so want to go back and do it again."

Tina Ahearn, Glynneath , 16 June 2023

"Very knowledgeable, friendly staff member accompanied me on the experience. Would highly recommend this!"

Tracey Pugh, Abergavenny , 15 May 2023

"An excellent all round experience. Great service, coffee and cakes in the Cwtch Cafe. The site was clean and well maintained. The Lion experience was both informative and enjoyable. Special thanks to Dan who delivered the experience in a very personable manner. He clearly had an excellent scientific background with a wide experience of animal conservation and an intimate knowledge of Hugo’s pride."

Lynne Davies, Burry Port , 05 May 2023

"Brilliant experience and would highly recommend it to anyone."

Richard Bevan, Carmarthen , 09 April 2023

"Really enjoyed my lion experience, would recommend it to anyone. The keeper was really good and told me everything I needed to know about the lions. Such a pleasant young man. It would have been better if the weather had been better."

Sue Jarman, Pembroke Dock , 15 March 2023

"Had the most amazing experience feeding the lions today. I cannot believe how close they were taking the meat from the tongs! Pete was the lion keeper and he was very knowledgable on Hugo, Luna & their ‘cubs!’ My daughter has taken my lion soft toy gift to bed this evening as her and the rest of my family were able to watch closely too! Highly recommend the lion feeding experience at Folly Farm."

Lianne Thomas, Swansea , 18 February 2023

"I booked this as a present for my boyfriend's 20th birthday. What an experience! Neither of us wanted it to end. We had a guide called Dan who was really friendly and knew everything there was to know about the lions. We captured it all on our GoPro and I cant stop watching it! Was very magical and extremely good value for money. Would 100% recommend you do it if you're thinking about it. 10/10."

Georgina Burchell, Whitchurch , 06 December 2022

"Everything was absolutely fantastic, all the lions came over to be fed. They were very vocal but the experience was wonderful."

Mark Francis, Tenby , 31 October 2022

"A wonderful experience, the keeper was great. A truly well worth experience will be doing again."

Sean Unit, Northants , 22 October 2022

"Feeding the lions was certainly a once in a lifetime experience. The session was extremely enjoyable and informative. The keeper that was running the experience was full of information and compassion for the animals. The quality of the enclosure and standards for the lions wellbeing are second to none. I’ve recently been to another zoo that pales in comparison to Folly Farm."

Lawrence Tungatt, Tenby , 19 October 2022

"Me and my brother had an absolutely amazing experience at Folly Farm feeding the Pride of Pembrokeshire. It was such a privilege to have been that close to some of the most beautiful big cats and hand feed them their lunch whilst feeling their roar and breath in every move! Also keeper Callum was fantastic during the experience and telling us about each individual. Thanks for an fabulous day!"

Brandon James, Bridgwater , 27 September 2022

"It was above and beyond what we expected and I will never get over Hugo wanting to join in, meaning we got to feed all six lions! Dan, our keeper, was incredible and taught us so much with the knowledge he shared. His passion for the animals and his job was clear and he’s such a credit to your team he made it such an fab experience. Thank you for another memorable day and for allowing us so close!"

Emily Sleeman, Swansea , 31 August 2022

"My husband brought me the lion experience as a birthday gift and what an amazing experience it was, the best birthday present ever! Keeper Callum was fantastic he was very informative and knowledgeable about Hugo the lion and all of the lionesses. I had a fabulous time and got to feed each one up close, I would highly recommend this experience and will cherish my encounter forever. Thank you!"

Lisa Brindley, Staffordshire , 23 August 2022

"Absolutely loved feeding the lions with my husband for his 30th birthday, lions are his favourite animal so was great to tick it off our bucket list. Was a great experience which we will always remember and we got a lovely lion teddy souvenir to remind us of our experience."

Jasmin Griffiths, Port Talbot, 16 August 2022

"Absolutely amazing experience. Dan the keeper was very friendly and knowledgable and you could tell he really loves the lions. Fantastic day out in Folly Farm as always but the experience was the icing on the cake."

Natalie Lloyd, Trelewis , 10 August 2022

"Dan who hosted my experience was absolutely amazing. Was very easy to talk to and had lots of great facts about each lion. Was the best experience ever and one I will remember forever."

Rob Hawke, Caerphilly , 01 August 2022

"I had a fantastic time. The keeper was brilliant. I couldn’t believe there were so many lions. Best day ever!"

Thomas Graham, Upminster , 27 July 2022

"My partner and I did the giraffe and lion feeding experience and it was such a great day! The staff were so friendly and answered all of our questions, we even got a certificate and teddy to take home and remember our time with the animals! 100% would recommend Folly Farm and the animal experiences to anyone thinking about doing it."

Renay Davies, Blackwood , 24 July 2022

"Amazing experience! I got the experience as a gift just before covid hit and it unfortunately was put off for a long time as a result. However when I finally went, zookeeper Rachel was fantastic. She was excited and encouraging, told us lots of information, answered any questions we had and offered to take pictures for us. The certificate and toy at the end was a lovely personal touch too!"

Jodie Johnson, Sutton Coldfield , 20 July 2022

"Lion keeper was very good, great experience ove all. Bought it for my niece and I accompanied her, both enjoyed the day."

Martin Beesley, Carmarthen , 15 July 2022

"We had the most amazing time feeding the lions. The keeper really put me at ease as I was a little anxious. He was super friendly and knowledgeable and answered any questions we had. I loved the fact our family was able to watch the experience and take photos and videos for us. We loved our gift at the end of a certificate and lion teddy. It was a wonderful day out."

Verity Thorpe, Waltham Abbey , 06 July 2022

"Experience was amazing. The lion keeper was full of knowledge and answered all questions we had. The experience itself was just out of this world, it was so nice to be so up close with the lions. And to learn a bit about them all will definitely be doing more Folly Farm animal experiences."

Cassie Uzmez, Neyland , 05 June 2022

"I bought this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend and it went above and beyond what we were expecting! Dan the keeper was so helpful and knowledgeable and feeding the lions was a once in a lifetime experience! We even had the pleasure of meeting Hugo. Thank you to Dan and Folly Farm, we had such a fabulous day definitely one to remember!"

Kathryn Binnie, Bristol , 28 May 2022

"Fantastic! Keeper Tim was very friendly, polite and informative. Kept a good and comfortable level of conversation going. The lionesses were amazing and only a fence between then and my husband, who was feeding them chunks of raw meat! We were that close we could see their strength as they stood on their hind legs to reach for the meat. Definitely worth it."

Dionne Sparke-King, Carmarthen , 27 May 2022

"The lion experience was fantastic. We had lion keeper Pete, he was fantastic. Can't wait to do this experience again."

Shaun green, Llanelli , 20 May 2022

"Had such a good time at Folly Farm. Feeding the lions was an amzing experience. The keeper was lovely, very knowledgeable telling us all about them. We weren't rushed at all and at the end had a certificate and the cutest cuddly lion. Definitely recommend this experience."

Carole hayes, Cardiff , 19 May 2022

"I've always enjoyed my visit to Folly Farm but I wanted to make it even better so I decided to try the lion feeding experience. The booking process from start to finish was extremely easy and the experience itself was out of this world. The keeper who helped me though my visit was very friendly and informative. I throughly enjoyed my time and would recommend it to anyone considering it."

Thelma Higgins, Newport , 27 April 2022

"A fantastic experience, really enjoyed! The keeper was friendly and encouraged questioning. It was fun and very relaxed atmosphere but expectations of myself made clear! Truly memorable."

Gareth Tudball, Maesycwmmer , 22 April 2022

"What a breathtaking experience. We couldn’t recommend this enough and Catrin made the experiene even better as she was extremely informative, polite and even took loads of photos/videos for us without us even having to ask. We will definitely be doing this again. Thank you."

Luke Dyche, Swansea , 17 April 2022

"I bought this experience for my partner's birthday and the whole day from start to finish was amazing! The actual lion feeding was something I will never forget. The lion keeper was very friendly and knowledgable and spoke us through the whole experience. Being able to be so close to a pride of lions and being able to feed them was better then we could of ever imagined. I would 100% do it again!"

Danielle Foster-johnson, Bristol , 13 April 2022

"Our keeper for this experience was Dan, he was very friendly and genuinely pleased to see us. We are a family of animal lovers and my daughter is in university studying zoology and conservation. We are fascinated by big cats and this is the second time we have done this experience. Well done to Dan, great guy."

Lynne Moss, Aberdare , 07 April 2022

"An excellent experience for me and my son, who received the experience vouchers as a Christmas present. Dan was friendly and knowledgeable and provided a fascinating insight into the lives off the lions and their individual characters. A pity that Hugo didn't join us but the lionesses were absolutly brilliant and it was an experience neither of us will forget."

Barry Winslade, Sandhurst , 04 April 2022

"Absolutely incredible experience. The keeper was so passionate about the lions and gave us loads of information about the pride she was friendly and easy to talk to. Would definitely do it again. 10/10."

Sarah Davies, Worcester , 30 March 2022

"What a absolute treat, real value for money. Catrin the keeper was amazing, we had such a wonderful experience. Can't wait to come back in the Summer."

Emma Jones, Brecon , 10 March 2022

"Breathtaking experience, was lucky to book this the day before and I'm so glad I did. Keeper Catrin was brilliant, full of knowledge, answered loads of questions and had the privilege of feeding Hugo. Got so close you could count the lions teeth and and feel their breath on your hand. Was incredible. Happily be booking this again soon. Thank you."

Sam Lane, Brecon , 10 March 2022

"I purchased the lion experience to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday. We both thoroughly enjoyed feeding the lions and would love to do it again. Having the privilege to be so close to such amazing animals is a memory I shall certainly cherish. I highly recommend feeding the lions and in the future I would like to try another of the animal experiences."

Marie Bevan, Swansea , 02 March 2022

"Great experience for lion lovers, our daughter is obsessed with lions and has been since a toddler. This was an amazing birthday present for her. Thank you for making this possible. Folly Farm is a great day out for all ages, staff were helpful from booking to the experience."

Kim Thompson, Saundersfoot , 01 March 2022

"Excellent experience feeding the lions and getting very close to them. Dan the keeper was very friendly and informative, relaying interesting facts and amusing stories of his experience. Would recommend to others. The plush lions and certificates were a nice keepsake to finish the experience."

Allan Ford, Launceston , 27 February 2022

"What a amazing experience! It went above and beyond what I was expecting. I loved every second of it and the lion keeper was brilliant. Feeding all the lions was such a experience especially Hugo. Being that close to them and seeing how big they really are. The growling and roaring was amazing. Cannot rate this experience enough! Thank you so much!"

Wyn Gordge, Swansea , 26 February 2022

"Amazing experience, loved getting up and close with the lions and learning a bit about them. Highly recommended."

Dylan Ridley, Cardigan , 06 February 2022

"Absolutely fantastic experience."

Peter Evans, Carmarthen , 06 February 2022

"I bought the experience for my son as a birthday present, he thoroughly enjoyed feeding the lions and thought the keeper was really helpful and informative."

Daniel Robinson, Penygroes , 29 January 2022

"Amazing experience. The keeper who welcomed us was friendly, informative and very welcoming. The experience itself was just awesome, no other word for it."

Sam Greasley, Brecon , 23 January 2022

"I bought this as a Christmas gift for my partner and it was amazing. The keeper really knew his stuff and was so enthusiastic about the lions. We were very lucky as all lions came over including Hugo! If you get a chance to do this I would 100% recommend it. Thank you for such an amazing experience!"

Kim Jones, Llanelli , 09 January 2022

"Feeding the lions was an amazing experience. The keeper Callum was great, friendly, informative and helped make the experience something I would never forget. I would 100% recommend the lion experience it was worth every penny. This was a gift for my birthday which is great idea for anyone thinking of something different."

Simon Woodford, Abercynon, 06 January 2022

"I bought this experience for my birthday as I adore this pride of lions, being so close and being able to feed them was absolutely incredible. I was extremely happy that Hugo came over for the experience as he is my favourite lion out of the pride. Keeper Kim did an amazing job throughout the experience! I highly recommend this experience to anyone, especially if you love lions."

Megan Lee, Swansea , 19 December 2021

"I booked this experience for my boyfriend's birthday and although I was excited to experience feeding the lions with him, I underestimated what an amazing experience it would be! To be so close to such beautiful creatures was incredible and something I will never forget! Even Hugo came over for a bite to eat! I would highly recommend this experience and will definitely return!"

Kirsty Webber, Somerset , 27 October 2021

"The whole experience was excellent and would recommend it to anyone. The keeper Paul was hugely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about more than just the lions."

Michelle Lee, Pontypridd , 05 October 2019

"My daughter and I came and had two experiences on the same day. I had the lions and it was fantastic. I learnt loads about them and the feeding part was amazing. Can't believe how big they are. My daughter enjoyed the penguins so much. The girls explained everything so well and were so lovely. She didn't want to leave. Would highly recommend both. Thank you."

Lally Main, Milford Haven , 01 October 2019

"Great experience! Loved every minute of it, really knowledgable keeper who answered all of my questions with passion and experience. Humbling being so close to such amazing animals."

Rachel Ruff, Saundersfoot , 01 September 2019

"Fantastic experience, the keeper was happy to answer questions, she told us all about the individual lions and their history. She offered to take photos and made it a really enjoyable morning."

Jan Brokenshire, Saundersfoot , 29 August 2019

"Had a wonderfull day at your farm and zoo. The giraffe feeding was a birthday present (65th) and my grandson's lion feeding experience for his 18th birthday present. The keepers are so informative and friendly. The sun was shining and showed everything in all its glory. I highly recommend the feeding experience and the visit - a wonderfull day out."

Marilyn James, Cardiff , 24 August 2019

"Incredible experience. The staff were so lovely and so informative and took loads of photos. Both staff went out of their way to make the experience special. Can’t recommend this experience enough. Thank you."

Maura Walsh, Felindre , 15 August 2019

"Wow! I couldn't catch my breath with how fantastic this was. The whole experience was amazing, from the introductions and the information we were told to feeding these magnificent beasts. The keepers were amazing and really wanted the experience to be the best. Thank you so much and I truly hope to come back and do it again in the future."

Simon Coles, West Midlands , 15 August 2019

"Very exciting to get so close to the lions, they were scrapping with one another but very gentle when they took the meat. Was also nice not to be too overlooked by the public, well thought out. A very memorable experience."

Jocelyn Wright, Malaga , 14 August 2019

"Bought a lion feeding experience for a birthday present for the wife. Always said she'd love to feed a lion, didn't expect that I'd enjoy it so much! Long drive from Manchester. Stayed overnight the day before in St clears. The lion keepers were very informative and interesting. The actual feeding was a once in a lifetime experience. Very surprised by the size and variety of animals. A must."

Stephen Hardman, Manchester , 06 August 2019

"The most amazing, enthralling experience I’ve ever had. The keeper Fliss was outstanding in her knowledge of all things carnivore and took her time in explaining in detail the feeding process, the lions' health and welfare and details of their heirachy. To be that close to these majestic animals was truly a privilege. Thank you Folly Farm for making the day so special."

Andrew McConnell, Stockport , 31 July 2019

"I had the most amazing, fabulous, fantastic experience ever. Just wish it could have lasted all day. I found it incredible to believe that I was that close to the most beautiful animal ever. I still keep on about as I absolutely loved, loved, loved it. Fliss was the young girl who explained everything and she was super great. I would definitely recommend this if you love lions as I do."

Rita Le-Sauteur, Cardiff, 27 July 2019

"There was a lot of information given about the experience and about the lions that was very interesting. The keeper was very kind. I enjoyed every minute of the experience and would highly recommend to anyone who loves lions."

Abigail Bradley, Swansea, 15 June 2019

"What an amazing surprise and experience. My partner booked for my 50th birthday. Can't beat it. Loved every bit. Zoo keeper explained everything. Answered all my questions. I could not stop smiling. Something I wanted to do. Beautiful pride. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Staff were excellent. Lovely zoo."

Paul McNicholas, Liverpool, 04 June 2019

"My partner had an amazing experience. He will never forget. Zoo keeper was lovely, answered every question, knew everything. To feed 5 out 6...can't be bad. He smiled for days. Cannot thank you enough. I would recommend to everyone. The facilities, fair, animals, things to do and see places to eat and drink, amazing zoo."

Linzie Van Eker, Liverpool, 04 June 2019

"I bought this experience for my partner's birthday as he loves big cats, especially lions. What a fantastic experience we had! The most magical part was when we got up close and fed them. It was just amazing to see the girls interact with each other when waiting for their food. Worth every penny and something that we will be doing again! Thank you."

Emma Davies, Swansea, 01 June 2019

"A brilliant day, well worth the entrance fee without the lion experience which was bought for us as a gift. The whole experience was excellent not rushed at all. All the questions we asked were answered fully, the lion keeper so obviously loved her work and the lion's she cares for. We would do it again the whole of the farm so clean and well cared for and the animals treated so well. Totally five star."

Amanda Temple-Smith, Cheadle Staffordshire, 31 May 2019

"An amazing experience! I loved it! The keeper, Fliss, was informative, enthusiastic and has an obvious passion for the animals in her care. I learned about their feeding patterns, veterinary care and character. The highlight was meeting and feeding the lions. To be in such close proximity to so many stunningly beautiful and powerful animals was a dream come true and one I’ll never forget."

Dawn Smithies, Milford Haven, 23 May 2019

"Absolutely fantastic experience. Very knowledgeable keeper and never felt rushed. Such beautiful creatures and a complete privilege to see them so close. Would 100% recommend! Even the wet weather couldn't dampen our experience!"

Sarah Scannell, Monmouthshire, 08 May 2019

"I cannot praise this experience enough. The lion keeper was amazing and explained everything about the lions, their differences in personality traits, how they slept, fed, interacted and we got to feel some fur that was found in their bedding. It was fantastic. I really felt like I knew the lions before feeding them. The feeding was a real adrenaline rush and an experience that I want to repeat!"

Lisa Williams-Gwyther, Port Talbot, 05 May 2019

"This experience was a gift for my dad and myself and we couldn’t have asked for better. It was a truly amazing experience and one I would love to do again if I didn’t live so far away! It was fantastic to get so close to these beautiful animals and the keeper was also fantastic, she is clearly very knowledgeable and was happy to answer any of our questions. A once in a lifetime opportunity."

Amy Jacklin, Cambridgeshire, 02 May 2019

"Profiad anhygoel. Anrheg Nadolig gwych. Roedd y wybodaeth am y llewod yn fanwl iawn. Diolch. A wonderful experience it was a Christmas gift. The information was very detailed. Diolch yn fawr iawn."

Carys Evans, Llandysul, 23 April 2019

"I received this as a 20th birthday present and I couldn’t think of anything better. The keeper was amazing, so informative and the experience itself was mesmerising. Such an great opportunity to be able to experience still can’t believe it now that I fed lions!"

Morgan Cadogan, Swansea, 17 April 2019

"This was an amazing experience! The keepers were fantastic, polite, kind and full of knowledge about the giraffes. A huge thank you!"

Debbie Holland, Bracknell , 14 April 2019

"Amazing experience! Our tour guide was wonderful, giving us all the facts and generous to answer our questions with pleasure."

Ayesha Staley, Blaina, 10 April 2019

"Fascinating, enjoyable, loads of interesting information and an experience I would to take part in again. Best birthday present ever."

Peta-Anne Corbett, Glanamman, 08 April 2019

"Absolutely brilliant experience! The keeper was very friendly and talked us through everything about the lions. Getting to meet them up close was incredible. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would recommend it to everyone!"

Pippa Ramsey, Gloucester, 27 March 2019

"Myself and my wife booked to do the lion and rhino experiences. It was a great day made all the better by the staff who could not do enough for us."

Nick Birtles, Cardigan, 18 March 2019

"Can't recommend this experience highly enough. We were wonderfully looked after from start to finish by the experienced and knowledgable ladies. To get so close to these wonderful, and clearly very relaxed and happy, lions was an amazing experience. Nothing was too much trouble and we learnt a lot about the animals and their environment at Folly Farm during our time. Nothing short of outstanding!"

Simon Peters, Cardiff, 08 March 2019

"Was super cool and keeper was friendly! Lions were gentle and good fun. Was a great day! Well worth the money!"

Joshua Reed, Swansea, 24 February 2019

"Wow what an amazing experience! The keepers Rosie and Fliss, were so informative and even took photos for us. An incredible half an hour and such great value for money. I’ll be booking in the next one soon!"

Laura Walters, Pembrokeshire, 05 February 2019

"A birthday present for my partner and she could not have been happier. Very informative and happy to answer any questions we had. Feeding the Lions was great and not something we will forget."

Jordan Powell, Swansea, 30 October 2018

"Wow!!What a truly memorable experience.Not only did I get to feed such amazing creatures I came away with lifelong knowledge of the wonderful lions. All thanks to the great keeper Rosie who spent ages telling me about the pride at Folly Farm.Her passion for her job shone through. An experience which will live with me for years to come."

Lesley Castledine, Bedfordshire, 21 October 2018

"My partner is difficult to buy for so we decided on a lion feeding experience as something different! He loved it! Such a good informative, pleasant half hour. Well worth the money."

Beckie Davies, Swansea, 25 September 2018

"I have always wanted to do one of the animal experiences at Folly Farm and luckily for my birthday I was bought vouchers for the lion and penguin experiences. I decided to do the lion experience first. I was met by Tim who brought me into the lion enclosure. Tim gave me a tour of the enclosure and gave me a run down of the day to day chores and the lions' routine. It was really fascinating to see how much goes into caring for these animals. Tim was happy to answer all my questions. Then it was time to feed the lions. I had the pleasure of feeding the cubs and it was exciting yet unnerving being so up close to them. Tim was amazing guiding me through everything and making sure it’s very safe. He even took lots of photos and videos on my phone. At the end you receive a gift. I would highly recommend this experience."

Vicky Kingdom, Pembroke, 03 September 2018

"What an absolutely fantastic experience. To see these fabulous animals up close was the experience of a lifetime. With such knowledgeable keepers, the visit was enhanced even more!"

Moira Blake, Aberdare, 14 August 2018

"The experience was wonderful! The keeper was welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly. The experience of feeding the lions was incredible! Would highly recommend."

Richard Hughes, Bristol, 30 July 2018

"I had a fantastic time with the lion experience. Lovely, friendly member of staff. Learned lots of information about the lions. An amazing experience feeding the lions. Would definitely recommend it."

Jasmine Green, Carmarthen, 29 July 2018

"Absolutely amazing experience! Well worth it. The keeper was so friendly, super knowledgeable and she was happy to answer all our questions. She even took photos on my phones for us. We had a great time and would recommend this to anyone."

Sally Gardner, Newport, 18 July 2018

"Wow, this really lived up to everything we expected. Rosie the keeper was absolutly amazing, very informative and explained the due care and attention they take with the lions. We were allowed to look at the indoor areas and past pictures of the lion and cubs. We highly recommend this experience if you're thinking about it. Actually doing the feeding was amazing, you get slow close and Rosie even helped us film it for our YouTube channel, whilst telling us how to identify each lioness and their different characteristics. Thank you Folly Farm, and please pass on our thanks to Rosie also. We'll be seeing you soon for a penguin feeding day for sure."

Gareth and Laura, Port Talbot, 20 June 2018

"I had this as a birthday present. The keeper was very informative and friendly. I really enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend it."

Caitlin Price, Merthyr Tydfil, 17 June 2018

"Very good. Couldn’t ask for better. Great experience and Rosie the keeper was brilliant. Would recommend to family and friends. Very happy. Thanks."

Jefferson Townsend, Pontypool, 02 June 2018

"Fantastic experience that I will always remember. Even better than what I expecting. The keeper was amazing so passionate and knowledgeable. Made the experience great from start to finish. Took pictures for us and answered all questions for me. She really is a credit to Folly Farm!"

Kylie Williams, Rhymney, 18 May 2018

"I had the absolute pleasure and privilege to feed the beautiful lionesses in Folly Farm. Hugo the male, wasn’t hungry. A dream come true! I want to do it again. What glorious, incredible animals. I had a “moment” with one girl while feeding her, she stared deep into my eyes unblinking for ages (probably wanted to eat me!). I was itching to stroke them. Scared the life out of me when they had a little fight over the food and snarled at each other, swiping each other. I learned that they love the smell of giraffes wee and love to play in it, they love to roll around in rhino poo, and they love Chanel perfume and curry powder haha! Hugo loves brushing up against Christmas trees at Christmas time, they have ostrich eggs as a treat, and play with bowling balls. Rosie was informative and took her time and she made me feel very safe (explaining how the cage system works etc). She was happy to answer all of my silly questions afterwards about their toys and do you give them Christmas presents and she found a box of lion hair for me to touch. I’d highly recommend it and I’d love to do it again."

Joanna Coombes, Milford Haven, 13 May 2018

"This was a day that I will remember for a very long time. To be so close to the lions and feed them was truly amazing. The tour of their house and the talk by the friendly and enthusiastic keeper made it a wonderful experience and I would thoroughly recommend it. Well done Folly Farm!"

Susan Pinkney, Blaenffos Pembs, 23 February 2018

"Such an amazing experience, it was truly amazing to be so close to the beautiful lionesses. The keeper was very knowledgeable and didn't mind how many questions I asked. A great day with memories that I will never forget."

Joanne Webb, Bridgend, 23 September 2017

"Amazing experience, was a gift for my 18th birthday which I will never forget. The experience was great value for money, you can take your time feeding and learn all about you want to know about the animals with brilliant, friendly staff who even took picture of my experience. And you even get a lovely gift to remember your experience by. I would definitely recommend this once in a life time opportunity to anyone."

Sam Richards, Rugeley Staffordshire, 12 September 2017

"One of the best things I have ever done. Being so close to the lions was amazing. You don't realise how big they are until you get up close. The staff are passionate and knowledgeable and their animals are well looked after. I can't praise Folly Farm enough."

Anthony Cartwright, Wales , 08 July 2017

Four star reviews

"Pete, our lion keeper, was friendly and engaging and the lions hungry. A very enjoyable experience and great birthday present for my daughter."

Demelza Smith, Swansea, 27 March 2023

"The experience was very good, the handlers were very informative about the lions and we enjoyed it. Thank you."

Jane Newman, Bristol, 05 June 2022

"Good time, just didn't feel like it was our own experience seeing as it was held outdoors where a crowd could then gather around."

Dan Preece, Torfaen , 06 April 2022
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