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Boomerang Offer

Visit again within a week for half the price

With so much to see and do at Folly Farm it can be difficult to squeeze everything into one day.  There's a horde of zoo and farm animals to meet and greet, a Vintage Funfair for thrill seekers with a taste for nostalgia and a great big indoor and outdoor adventure play area for children of every age to explore.  If you find yourself a little strapped for time and are staying or live locally, then why not plan a cheap day out a few days later for half the price?

A cheap day out at Folly Farm

If you visit Folly Farm and have such a fantastic time you can't wait to come back, pick up a Boomerang ticket from reception and as a full paying customer* you can come back within 7 days for half price!

What you should do on your first visit...

To qualify for the Boomerang special offer at Folly Farm it is essential that on your first visit you show your receipt at reception and have it stamped and validated by our staff before you leave.

You will not be able to take advantage of the Boomerang Ticket offer unless you have your receipt validated before your second visit. This offer is non-transferable. Terms and conditions apply*.


*Terms and Conditions

1. Admission under the Boomerang offer will only be granted with a validated Boomerang ticket.

2. To get a Boomerang ticket you must show today's receipt and have the Boomerang ticket stamped and validated by reception staff BEFORE you leave.

3. Boomerang applies to full-paying visitors only which includes people that have paid full price entry using Tesco Clubcard Rewards Tokens. The special offer does not apply to those who have already entered on a reduced entry offer e.g. group bookings and complimentary ticket holders. You are not able to use Tesco Clubcard Rewards Tokens to pay for the return entry under our Boomerang offer.

4. The Boomerang offer is non-transferable, meaning only the people who originally paid full price can return for half price.

5. As part of the validation process you will ask to fill in the last four digits of your payment card or your driving licence ID number and to bring this with you for the second visit as proof of your identity.

For more information about cheap days out at Folly Farm including the Boomerang ticket or any of our other special offers, please call 01834 812731 or email: info@folly-farm.co.uk

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