Adopt a sloth

Give the gift of a sloth adoption today.

What better way to tell that special someone in your life you love them? Adopt a sloth from a zoo in the UK. Do it now. Don’t hang around.

Our ‘adopt a sloth’ pack makes the perfect gift, costs £39 and includes:

  1. A single day ticket to Folly Farm
  2. An adoption certificate
  3. A sloth fact sheet
  4. A sloth cuddly toy
  5. Your name displayed on a thank you board in Folly Interactive

We understand if you’re an annual pass holder you might not need an entrance ticket, or maybe you’d just to like to purchase your sloth adoption without one. So, we’ve made this option available to you at the checkout for just £29.

adopt a sloth

Your sloth adoption will last for 12 months, and 10% of the profit will help raise money for our conservation partners. So you’ll feel pretty cool about giving this gift too.

Schools and group organisations can also purchase our adoption packages. Please call the office on 01834 812731 to make arrangements.

You can read our animal adoption terms and conditions here.

Sloth adoption pack

About Folly Farm’s sloth

Two-toed sloths are slow moving, peaceful creatures and can be found in the forests of South America.

Our sloth is called Tuppee. Partial to a nice bit of asparagus every now and again you’ll more than likely spot Tuppee curled in a ball and catching ‘forty winks!’

They are unique in the animal world in that they do spend most of their life upside down. They eat, sleep and even give birth upside down and because of this, their internal organs have actually re-positioned over a period of time.

Read more about Tuppee, our two-toed sloth.

Sloth adoption reviews

"I had a wonderful birthday surprise when my partner adopted a sloth for me! This was the perfect gift for me as I support ethical tourism, sustainable, safe and humane captivity and animal welfare. I really was thrilled to have such a thoughtful gift."

Laura Macfarlane, Pontypridd, 5 out of 5, 09 April 2018

"My son has recently become obsessed with sloths and asked for one as a pet. I purchased the adopt a sloth for his birthday last year and planned to visit the next day he was so happy and we can’t wait to return. Only wish we could hold or feed the sloths."

Rhianna Rowe, Swansea, 5 out of 5, 20 February 2018

"I bought a sloth adoption for my Mum's birthday because they are her favourite animal. She loved the gift and the little plushie sloth. She is hoping to get to Wales again to be able to visit her adopted furry friends and use her special pass. Thank you!"

Victoria Stockwell, Ely, 5 out of 5, 23 February 2018
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