Sloth Experience - Feed a Sloth in the UK! 🦥

Our sloth experience is fully booked until the end of 2022 so we've had to remove them from sale. Anyone with a voucher should contact us now to book in for 2023. We'll put vouchers back on sale for 2023 bookings once all outstanding vouchers have been booked. Thank you for your patience, we're so pleased you're all enjoying this fantastic opportunity to meet our popular sloths.

***Please only use this booking enquiry form if you have an outstanding voucher and wish to book for 2023.***

Meet the sloths at Folly Farm on our sloth feeding experience.

Love sloths? Want to hang out with them? Yes? Then you’ll love our sloth feeding experience. Get up close to our two toed sloths, as you hand feed them broccoli and carrots on our sloth feeding encounter in Sloth Forest, our retirement home for our elderly sloths.

Priced at £85 (or £100 including a day entry ticket) and suitable for ages 10 and up. Your sloth feeding experience will last at least 20 minutes.

 What’s included in the sloth feeding experience?

  • Includes a close up meeting with our two sloths Tuppee and Lightcap
  • The opportunity to hand feed the sloths
  • Go behind the scenes in the Sloth Forest enclosure
  • Sloth keeper Q&A – ask all of your sloth questions
  • Souvenir cuddly sloth toy, made with 100% recycled material and filling ♻️
  • Personalized experience certificate signed by the keeper

By taking part in a sloth feeding encounter, or by adopting a sloth, you’re supporting our conservation work.

One session available per day for a maximum of two people from the same household. Sloth experiences only take place on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays to give our pensioner sloths a bit off time off. They’re retired after all! Thank you for your understanding.

What happens on a sloth feeding experience?

You’ll be welcomed by one of our sloth keepers and after a short briefing, you’ll get the opportunity to hand feed Tuppee and Lightcap, our two toed sloths. This involves feeding them vegetables which they will take from you, if they can be bothered…they are sloths after all!

Visitor photo – this is how close you can get to our sloths on our experience!

Did you know sloths generally only poo once a week?

Whilst you’re behind the scenes in the Sloth Forest enclosure, meeting our sloths, you can ask our knowledgeable sloth keepers all your sloth questions.

Hanging out with our sloths…

Now comes the bit you’ve been waiting for. You’ll get to have a close encounter with our sloths. Sloths are naturally lazy animals so they may take some persuading to come and say hi but they’ll probably more than happy to let you hand feed them their veggies whilst they lie on their backs in their cosy boxes. You’ll be able to get some great close-up photos of our sloths and you might even be able to get a cheeky sloth selfie!

Your sloth feeding experience will last at least 20 minutes, probably longer though, these are sloths after all. You can’t rush a sloth! It includes a souvenir cuddly toy sloth to take home so you can remember this very special experience and makes a fantastic gift for sloth-mad children and adults alike.

Can I hug a sloth?

Nope. But you do get to hang out with our sloths! If you’re looking for where to hug a sloth in the UK, then this isn’t the experience for you. We don’t encourage human contact with our sloths. It’s fine to offer food to Tuppee and Lightcap for them to to take but if they aren’t interested in feeding then we’d never force them.

How does taking part in a sloth feeding experience help Folly Farm’s animals?

By taking part in sloth feeding encounters, or by adopting a sloth, at Folly Farm you’re supporting our conservation work. Whether it’s our breeding programmes, our education initiatives or through the work with our conservation partners.

Find out more about Folly Farm’s sloths…

We have two, two-toed sloths in Sloth Forest, our new sloth enclosure in our Tropical Trails exhibit.

Tuppee, our male, is 26 years old and Lightcap, our female, is 36 years old. They’re the UK’s most popular elderly sloths having appeared on ITV’s This Morning and BBC’s The One Show! Their “retirement home” has also been featured on LADBible, and CNN.

Their new enclosure has been specially adapted for our retired sloths. It has low hanging branches and a soft floor to help them reach the ground more easily. And a biomass heating system, combined with sprinklers, makes sure the humidity mimics their natural rainforest habitat and helps to soothe their creaking bones and joints! It’s the perfect place for them to live out their golden years.

Sloth experience reviews

"This was a birthday present for my son, who loves sloths. He was so excited beforehand and it didn’t disappoint. The sloths were keen for their treats and actually interacted far more than I thought they might. Martha was lovely with him and we were given as much time as we wanted for photos etc. He thoroughly enjoyed it and hasn’t stopped chatting about it since."

Lucy Whitman, Wiltshire, 5 out of 5, 26 April 2022

"Really friendly staff, the keeper was informative and made me feel relaxed with the sloths. I had a wonderful experience and managed to feed both of the sloths which made my day even better! Great value and loved my gift!"

Selina Green, Cheltenham, 5 out of 5, 04 April 2022

"I treated my partner to get up close and personal with the sloths for his special birthday and he wasn't disappointed. It was an amazing experience and I would encourage anyone who loves sloths to do it. Jack was our guide and he was really friendly and informative. Thank you Jack and all the lovely staff at Folly Farm."

Sally and Andy Bond, West Midlands, 5 out of 5, 09 March 2022

"Amazing experience, loved every minute, keeper was amazing."

Hope Wilkie, Portsmouth, 5 out of 5, 23 February 2022

"An absolutely amazing experience, we were really lucky that the sloths were hungry and wanted to interact. They are my favourite animals so to be able to hand feed and interact with such beautiful animals was amazing. Knowledgeable keepers who were a great host."

Lucy Hall, Torbay, 5 out of 5, 06 March 2022

"Where to start? The staff member was fantastic helpful and explained loads about sloths. I cannot say anything bad or any suggestions as it was perfect. I love sloths and it was amazing. I will never forget that experience I want to thank Folly Farm staff members for a brilliant family day out and an outstanding sloth experience. Thank you so much. Definitely recommend it to anyone."

Donald Fritter, Carmarthenshire, 5 out of 5, 07 February 2022

"Excellent experience especially the staff helping myself and my daughter whose birthday it was with the sloths. Very kind and making sure my daughter had a wonderful time! We were very surprised how close my daughter could get to the sloths, feeding the sloths and even touched them . The perfect length of time, wonderful gift at the end."

David Gattenberg, Cardiff, 5 out of 5, 02 September 2021

"Excellent experience with an excellent zoo keeper. Really enjoyed and well worth the money. Would highly recommend the experience and looking forward to returning to Folly Farm."

Sam Moss, Powys, 5 out of 5, 06 September 2021

"I thoroughly enjoyed my sloth feeding experience and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to all sloth lovers! I was guided by zookeeper Martha and she was amazing at answering all my questions. I fed both sloths aubergine and sweet potato and can't believe how up close and personal I got to them!"

Adam Russell, Caerphilly, 5 out of 5, 18 August 2021

"Had a great time at Folly Farm sloth experience. Was given so much information about the sloths. Would recommend to anyone."

Emma Collins, Carmarthen, 5 out of 5, 14 August 2021

"Huge thank you for our wonderful sloth experience today. Our son absolutely loved it. He said it was one of his "dreams come true". The keepers were absolutely fantastic, very friendly and informative. Would definitely recommend."

Kelly Page, South Wales, 5 out of 5, 23 June 2021

"Myself and my sister fed the sloths yesterday. What gentle, happy animals. We had the best experience. I feel like there is so much I’ve learnt about these amazing animals. The keeper was so knowledgeable. I would 100% recommend this experience. Thank you."

Paige Wilton, Bridgend, 5 out of 5, 03 May 2021

"We honestly had a fantastic day, meeting Tuppee and Lightcap was truly amazing. I never thought I’d get the chance to do something like that so you have definitely made a 40 year old very happy! Your keepers were so friendly and knowledgeable, they made us feel welcome and explained how we needed to be around the sloths before we went in. We travelled from North Yorkshire to visit and it was definitely worth it, the experience will hold some great memories. I can’t wait to come back and do it again! We’re even talking about booking a giraffe feeding next time as well!"

Christella Lewis, Yorkshire, 5 out of 5, 29 April 2021

"The best experience ever! If you love sloths this is the best opportunity, the lovely lady that was there with us was so chatty and answered all our questions and the sloths were so active for us! What an amazing experience, something I’ll never forget. Thank you Folly Farm!"

Isabelle White, Tenby, 5 out of 5, 30 April 2021

"A wonderful chance to get up close to these fascinating creatures. You can see the sloths were loving their new enclosure and it was a great setting for the experience. Becky, the keeper, was so knowledgeable about Tuppee and Lightcap and told us some really interesting stories about them both, including their own little habits and quirks. We hand fed Lightcap (Tuppee was asleep!) and it was great to hand the food over and watch her take it from me. The way she clasped the food was so cute! The time we spent just flew by and it was really a memorable experience which I highly recommend."

Lee Sefton, Templeton, 5 out of 5, 28 March 2021

"Something to tick off the bucket list. The Sloth Experience definitely exceeded my expectations in many ways. I was able to stand right up close to Lightcap who was a huge fan of the carrots I was feeding her. She was ever so gentle taking them from my hand and nibbling away. I particularly loved the new enclosure, the Sloths were far more visible. Becky was so knowledgeable, answering any questions that came to mind, and informing me all about the weird and wonderful things Sloths do! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to everyone!"

Jemma Haswell, Pembrokeshire, 5 out of 5, 28 March 2021