Sloth feeding experience - coming soon!

COMING SOON! We're settling our pensioner sloths into their new enclosure in Sloth Forest. Once the keepers are happy they're settled and ready to start feeding experiences you'll be able to purchase vouchers on this page, so please keep checking back here or follow our social media as we'll be sure to announce when they're on sale! If you can't wait then you could always consider getting your sloth-obsessed friend or loved one a sloth adoption here.

Meet the sloths at Folly Farm on our sloth feeding experience.

Get up close to our two toed sloths, as you hand feed them broccoli and carrots on our sloth feeding encounter in Sloth Forest, our retirement home for our elderly sloths.

 What’s included in the sloth feeding experience?

  • Meet our two sloths, Tuppee and Lightcap
  • Opportunity to hand feed
  • Behind the scenes in the sloth enclosure
  • Souvenir sloth cuddly toy
  • Price – £95 including your day entry ticket
  • For those 10 years and older

What happens on a sloth feeding experience?

You’ll be welcomed by one of our sloth keepers and after a short briefing, you’ll get the opportunity to hand feed Tuppee and Lightcap, our two toed sloths. This involves feeding them vegetables which they will take from you, if they can be bothered…they are sloths after all!

Did you know sloths generally only poo once a week? No?

Whilst you’re behind the scenes in the Sloth Forest enclosure, meeting our sloths, you can ask our knowledgeable sloth keepers all your sloth questions.

Now comes the bit you’ve been waiting for. You’ll get to have a close encounter with our sloths. Sloths are naturally lazy animals so they may take some persuading to come and say hi but they’ll probably more than happy to let you hand feed lying on their backs in their cosy boxes!

Your sloth feeding experience will last at least 20 minutes. It includes a souvenir cuddly toy sloth to take home so you can remember this very special experience and makes a fantastic gift for sloth-mad children and adults alike.

Can I hug a sloth?

If you’re looking to hug a sloth, then this isn’t the experience for you. We don’t encourage human contact with our sloths. It’s fine to offer food to Tuppee and Lightcap for them to to take but if they aren’t interested in feeding then we’d never force them.

You can read our full animal experiences terms and conditions here.

Sloth experience reviews

"A wonderful chance to get up close to these fascinating creatures. You can see the sloths were loving their new enclosure and it was a great setting for the experience. Becky, the keeper, was so knowledgeable about Tuppee and Lightcap and told us some really interesting stories about them both, including their own little habits and quirks. We hand fed Lightcap (Tuppee was asleep!) and it was great to hand the food over and watch her take it from me. The way she clasped the food was so cute! The time we spent just flew by and it was really a memorable experience which I highly recommend."

Lee Sefton, Templeton, 5 out of 5, 31 March 2021

"Something to tick off the bucket list. The Sloth Experience definitely exceeded my expectations in many ways. I was able to stand right up close to Lightcap who was a huge fan of the carrots I was feeding her. She was ever so gentle taking them from my hand and nibbling away. I particularly loved the new enclosure, the Sloths were far more visible. Becky was so knowledgeable, answering any questions that came to mind, and informing me all about the weird and wonderful things Sloths do! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to everyone!"

Jemma Haswell, Pembrokeshire, 5 out of 5, 31 March 2021