ABWAK Penguin Workshop for our Keepers

Two of our very own keepers attended this year’s ABWAK penguin workshop – on World Penguin Day no less!

Two of our very own zookeepers, Martha and Natasha, recently attended Woburn Safari Park to complete an ABWAK penguin keeper workshop to further their development and training – something we certainly support. And it took place on World Penguin Day!

Martha (left) and Natasha (right) touring Woburn Safari Park’s penguin enclosure

ABWAK, (the Association of British and Irish Wild Animal Keepers) is a membership organisation for the keeping and conservation of wild animals to the highest standards of excellence in animal welfare – through communication, cooperation, training and development.

Woburn Safari Park hosted the ABWAK Penguin Keeper Workshop on World Penguin Day

Martha and Natasha were given the opportunity to meet other zoo professionals and listen to a variety of talks from keepers from other collections in the UK as well as from Amsterdam.  These covered everything from uncommon health issues and husbandry, to hand rearing and comparing practices with other zoos.

They had the opportunity to tour Woburn’s penguin enclosure and pump house and chat to their own keepers, as well as take part in workshops making enrichment activities for their animals and checking out their other animal exhibits.  A great experience to help further their knowledge and share ideas with the rest of the team on their return!

Certificates and team photos completed the workshop

Head of HR Kate Torok enthused:

“We’re delighted that Martha and Natasha benefitted from attending the recent penguin workshop at Woburn. We’re committed to ongoing training and development for all of our staff. We believe in nurturing our team and helping them grow and to gain more skills and experience. We work with many local and national training providers to make sure every member of our team becomes the best they can be”.


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