All decked out ready for Summer

We love a photo prop and they don’t get much better (or bigger!) than this…

Our new giant deckchairs have arrived just in time for the Summer holidays and for you to get that insta-worthy family photo!

Our director Karina was the first to try them out. Please note: The deckchairs are giant, it’s not just that Karina is tiny 🤣 #giantdeckchair #tinydirector #bigpersonality #evenbiggersmile

All decked out ready for Summer. Check out our new giant deckchairs!

We’ve four deckchairs to choose from to reflect the four attractions at Folly Farm – Zoo, Barn, Fairground and Play – and they’re dotted around the park. Why not try to get a family pic in each and create a photo montage? Don’t forget to tag us on social media and we’ll share your photos.

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