Combatting Plastic Pollution on World Refill Day

We’ve installed water bottle refill stations and completed a beach clean to help reduce our impact on the planet!

June 16th marks the day to join millions of people around the world to prevent plastic pollution. World Refill Day is a global awareness day to help people live with less waste.

World Refill Day encourages everyone to try and live with less plastic waste

At Folly Farm, we continually review our practices to lower our impact on the planet. In 2021 we replaced our petrol go-carts with electric alternatives, utilising the solar energy we produce on the roof of our funfair. Globally, less than 2% of packaging is actually reusable. With this in mind, we have joined forces with Refill to install water bottle refill stations across the attraction. We currently have four water stations accessible to our guests, free of charge; all you need to do is bring a bottle.

One of our refill stations where guests can fill up their own bottles during their day with us!

You can also be part of the solution; the Refill app allows you to easily find more than 330,000 water refill stations, wherever you are in the world. It also displays coffee shops offering discounts on hot drinks when bringing your own cup (which we also offer), plus places to take your lunchbox to get your food to go. Reusing and refilling has never been so easy!

This week our dedicated Green Team got together to help our much-loved Pembrokeshire coast. Staff headed to beautiful Tenby South Beach, for an evening of beach cleaning, and in just two hours – four large bags full of waste products and rubbish were collected, which will now be displayed at our Penguin Coast enclosure, forming a visual representation of the problems penguins and other marine animals face in the wild.

Staff filled four large bags of rubbish in just two hours!

As well as plastic items, lots of wet wipes, drink cans, plasters and discarded marine rope were collected. Even a cord of a kite that became wrapped around a piece of wood was found, which could have just as easily have tied itself around an animal.

Many marine animals are impacted by the threat of plastic pollution

Next time you’re visiting us, be sure to bring your own water bottle and look out for our refill stations around the park! And if you’re visiting the beach this summer – why not do your bit and collect any discarded rubbish that you may come across? By working together, we can keep our environment, oceans, wildlife habitats, and community spaces plastic-free for the future.

Tenby South Beach – help us keep our coasts clear of rubbish!


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