Coolest jobs in Wales

The Western Mail and WalesOnline recently ran a story about the coolest jobs in Wales.

And two of them were here, at Folly Farm. Yes that’s right, penguin keeper and lion keeper made the cool jobs list.

Lion keeper feeding the lions

So, we caught up with Rosie Badger, lion keeper, to find out what makes her job cool;

“How many people can put lion keeper on their CV? I love people’s reactions when they ask me what I do for a job. When I say I look after a pride of lions, people are just really interested and want to know what I do each day and ask loads of questions about the animals themselves. It’s a huge responsibility and one I take very seriously. I’ve been interested in animals all my life, especially big cats so to work with them is a dream come true.”

Penguin keeper Catrin Thomas, added;

“I love coming to work every day. Imagine if every one of your colleagues was funny, cute and pleased to see you every day. It doesn’t feel like work at all. People never believe me when I say I’m a penguin keeper, it’s a great conversation opener.”

Penguin chick with keeper

We quite liked the sound of the some of the other jobs on the cool list too. Chief chocolate taster, whisky distiller…imagine!