Eggs hatch just in time for Easter

Egg-citement on the zoo at the p-p-pitter p-p-patter of happy Humboldt feet!

We’ve had some eggs hatch on the zoo just in time for Easter! There’s no smarties inside these eggs though. Oh no! These p-p-precious eggs contained tiny Humboldt penguin chicks. And Easter doesn’t get much better than that for our dedicated penguin keepers (just look how egg-static Catrin is!). This is our sixth successive season of successfully breeding this endangered species of penguin (try saying that with a mouth full of mini-eggs!). We’ve had three chicks so far with more eggs ready to pip over the coming days.

Take a look at one of new arrivals…totes adorbs!

Our penguin keepers are always very inventive with their naming themes – presidents, scientists, Disney characters and ice creams have featured previously. This year though they’ve spiced it up with a curry theme! We’re pleased to introduce our first three chicks…the hottest chick in the huddle…Madras, the mild Massala and a side of Peshwari!

Meet Madras – the hottest chick in the huddle!

Meet Massala…not too spicy!

Meet Peshwari – a p-p-perfect side order of cuteness!

We p-p-promise to keep you posted on further penguin chick arrivals! Please be patient though as these chicks will be tucked up with their mums and dads for the next few months in their nests.

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