We've retained our green award

We’ve retained our Green Key environmental accreditation for yet another year.

Our Green Key accreditation recognises our commitment to being environmentally responsible and provides visitors with the confidence that they are visiting a sustainable tourist attraction, continuously working towards the future. We first received the award in 2016.

As well as installing a biomass boiler to heat our buildings, generate our own electric via solar panels and change our 13,000 lightbulbs in the fair to energy efficient versions we carry out a few unusual activities.

Chris Ebsworth holding lightbulb

We switched our fairground light bulbs for energy efficient versions – 13,000 of them!

  • We recycle nappies! Yes that’s right – when a nappy is inserted into the nappy recycling bin provided in all of our facilities we send them to a local firm where they are then converted into panel boards.
  • Paper from the office is shredded and used for animal bedding. The mice in particular enjoy snuggling up to our leftover waste – as well as the ferrets and chickens.
  • Cash for crisps. Our team enjoy tucking into a pack of crisps on break and that’s why we collect the empty packets and send them off to raise money for charity.
  • Our farm and zoo team love coming up with new enrichment ideas for the animals from whatever they can get their hands on. Old fire hoses, bottles, rope, wood and tubes can all be used. This keeps our team and our animals very busy!
  • Across the nature trail and the zoo you’ll see plenty of bird boxes encouraging native species. From finches to robins, next time you visit listen out them chirping away.
Willow tree planting at Folly Farm

We have our own willow plantation – so we’re self-sufficient in browse for our animals.

“In recent years we’ve increased all green activities and this is our focus as we look to the future. The Green Key accreditation inspires us to keep reviewing our activities to ensure that we work in the best way for us and our environment.” – Catrin Williams, HR manager.