Love is in the air with two proposals

Last weekend love was literally in the air as we had not one, but two proposals at Folly Farm.

We caught up with both brides to be to see why their husbands to be chose our attraction for this special moment.

First up was Laura Carys. We knew about this proposal in advance as Laura’s partner Simon had been in touch to ask for our help to make it happen. Laura’s a bit of a penguin fan (in fact she declares herself “penguin obsessed”) so Simon arranged a penguin feeding experience at Penguin Coast and with our penguin keepers in on the surprise he managed to pull off the p-p-p-erfect proposal!

“Now I’ve calmed down, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank your entire team for all their help! I can’t believe how much thought went into the background of it all, such an amazing surprise! Special thanks to Catrin and Caz for their hard work – they were amazing and it was a pleasure to share such a special moment with them.” – Laura Carys

The second proposal was Mari Angharad who’s obsessed with animals and her boyfriend, Jamie, got down on one knee in our Jungle Journeys attraction.

Jamie and Mari showing off the ring

On why Jamie chose Folly Farm as the venue for the proposal, Mari said;

“I’m totally obsessed with animals and have such a love for them. If I could, I’d have my own farm full! We very rarely have the same days off together, and Jamie managed to get a weekend off so I thought we were just doing something fun and spontaneous, little did I know! He just wanted it to be special for me and somewhere that I loved.”

Mari also rocks a hat.