Fun in the October sun

And Tiggy’s brother took part in a giraffe experience too…

Little Miss Tiggy has had another exciting month at Folly Farm, making good use of her annual pass!

Her mum Megan, captures the fun in the October sun in her blog.

Over to Meg…

October saw some gorgeous bright sunny days and what better way to make the most of them than to head to Folly Farm. It’s one of our favourite places to go as a family, there’s so much to see and do here.

The children all love racing about the many play areas here!

This month saw the addition of a new play area with a fantastic wooden play house that my children loved playing hide and seek in and it was all I could do to get them out of this area when it was time to leave!

And the children loved playing in it when it was finished.

Without doubt this month my absolute favourite moment was when Tiggy’s eldest brother Finlay fed the giraffes as part of Folly Farm’s animal feeding experiences which you can see more details about here: Animal Experiences at Folly Farm. It was the most incredible sight and Finlay’s excitement was truly magical. You can see our previous rhino experience here: Rhino Feeding Experience At Folly Farm.

The children were given an introduction to what giraffes eat before Finlay was able to feed them himself!

It might sound a silly thing to say but I hadn’t realised how tall and big giraffes were until 8 year old Finlay was stood next to them! I was so proud of him feeding the giraffes, they were gentle giants leaning right in to take the food from Finlay’s hands and my favourite photo of Finlay was of him placing the food pellets right onto the giraffes tongue, such an incredible thing to see and for him to do.

Folly Farm offers so many different days out, there’s the zoo, the park, the barn area and even a fairground and each time we come we seem to enjoy a totally different experience, perhaps one day we’ll see you there! xoxo