Roberta the orphaned donkey

She’s got the ee-awww factor!

We’ve welcomed an adorable new addition to the farm family. An orphaned miniature donkey cross named Roberta.

Born on 15 December 2018, donkey foal Roberta sadly became orphaned after mum Margi died shortly after giving birth. Luckily, Jane Hill, our farm manager, and her assistant farm manager, Kim Brickell, stepped in and have been hand rearing the young foal since, in order to give it the best chance of survival. Just like caring for any infant, the keepers have dedicated their time to providing round-the-clock care – including the 2am night feeds!

Jane said;

“We only hand rear animals when absolutely necessary, but after losing mum Margi we had to step in! It has taken a lot of dedication to ensure Roberta has the best start but it has been worth it. Our milking goats have even helped us out by providing most of the milk she’s needed – so we’re all doing our part! She is doing brilliantly and has certainly stolen our hearts.

“Roberta has settled into life in the barn and is already enjoying meeting our guests. She has some pretty good company in the way of two sheep and new BFF’s who are taking on the role as adoptive parents, Lamby and Snowy.”

Orphaned donkey at Folly Farm

Roberta the orphaned donkey with Lamby the sheep

Kim added;

“The three of them often cuddle up and play together and have become an adorable little family”.