Our year at Folly Farm

We interviewed Pembrokeshire blogger and insta star Little Miss Tiggy to see how much value she got from her annual passes.

So Meg, you’ve had your annual pass for almost a year now. Are you surprised to learn that you’ve already visited 30 times?

Gosh wow! That many! Although I must say I’m not really that surprised as we love Folly Farm with each visit different from the last as there’s so much to do here. I ask Tiggy each morning what she might like to do that day and every day without fail she replies “the zoo!” referring to Folly Farm.

Tiggy meets the macaroni penguins

Value for money indeed!
That’s £1.50 per visit for Meg (based on 30 visits with an annual pass costing £45)
And £0.84 for Tiggy (toddler annual pass £25)
The boys cost £1.34 per visit (child annual pass £40)
And dear little Pip was free for the whole year!

Have you managed to visit as a whole family? Or do you tend to use it to keep the girls entertained whilst the boys are at school?

We visit as a whole family, just me and the girls, or if I’m feeling really brave just me with all of the children! That said, it’s a perfect day out with “my tribe” as the activities at Folly Farm cover all their ages, so there’s something to keep each of them entertained and they all love visiting Folly Farm!

Boy playing on rope bridge

“The boys love the outdoor play areas”

As a seasoned visitor, what would be your top tips for other families?

Ooh gosh, there’s so much to see and do at Folly Farm, allow at least a full day just to get an idea of what’s there but our annual pass has proved invaluable as once you see what’s there you’ll want to return again and again!

“It’s a perfect day out with “my tribe” as the activities at Folly Farm cover all their ages.”

What’s Tiggy’s favourite thing to do at Folly Farm? What about the boys?

Tiggy loves the play areas especially the sand pits, it’s all I can do to move her from them. The boys all like the pirate ships and playground, they’ve bundles of energy so there’s plenty to wear them out in the outdoor play areas here! William loves the lions, he’ll make a bee line to go see them and Finlay’s favourite is the paratrooper ride which he’s now old enough to ride by himself and he’ll want to head here when we first arrive. Reuben is a huge fan of the traditional funfair, he’s quite competitive when it comes to the stalls with the games!

Little Miss Tiggy enjoying the sand play at Folly Farm

“Tiggy loves the sandpits”

Does Tiggy have a favourite animal that she always wants to see on a visit?

The “waffes” otherwise known as giraffes which she’ll insist we see every time we visit.

Children watching giraffes at Folly Farm

Tiggy loves the “waffes” [Ed – That’s giraffes to you and me!]

You have five children. Just. Wow! Three boys and two girls, from Finlay age nine down to baby Pip who’s just turned one. Does this make finding places to go where everyone is catered for difficult?

It certainly can do, it’s usually a case of everything too old for the little ones or everything too young for the bigger ones but Folly Farm caters for them all, there really is so much to see and do and activities for all ages. It’s a great family place.

As mentioned Pip has just turned one, what does she get from her visits to Folly Farm?

Pip loves the animals! Especially the ones in the barn it seems, she gets so excited to “meet” them and she’s so brave wanting to “pet them” all.

Do you think you’ll be visiting Folly Farm for years to come?

Yes, absolutely! We’re incredibly lucky that it’s on our doorstep albeit before we moved to Pembrokeshire we’d still travel to visit Folly Farm frequently and we’ve been visiting for years so absolutely, we’ll be visiting here for years to come!

As a mum, what do you think is the best thing about Folly Farm? And the annual passes particularly?

Value for money when it comes to the annual passes. As a large family visiting anywhere can be expensive but the annual passes are worth their weight in gold and afford us the opportunity to visit as many times as we like, clearly plenty! And we always have such a great time.

Mum and daughter with annual pass

Little Miss Tiggy with her annual pass

Do you think the annual pass is good value?

Absolutely yes!

Would you recommend an annual pass for Folly Farm?

I certainly do recommend an annual pass, it makes sense when you love a place so much and visit so often especially as there’s plenty to keep coming back for. As a family we all enjoy days spent at Folly Farm.

What would you rate your experience over the last year out of five?

10! Is that allowed? I can’t recommend Folly Farm enough to anyone who asks. From days out with the children, family days out, even visiting with grandparents, we all enjoy!

Anything else you’d like to add?

If you get the chance to visit Folly Farm then do as I know you’ll love it here as much as we do!

Children playing Folly Farm side stalls

“Each visit is different to the last”