Tiggy tries our new ride

And she gets to see our new arrivals on the zoo!

Little Miss Tiggy has had another fun-packed month at Folly Farm, making the use of her annual pass!

Her mum Megan, captures their July days with us in beautiful photos on her blog.

Over to Meg…

July has been a most busy time at Folly Farm, this month saw its 30th birthday and I can remember coming here for the first time as a child, on a school trip! I know, I’m old!

It’s something rather special to now see my own children coming here and growing up alongside the animals of Folly Farm, just look at my boys with the lions when they were just cubs! I’ll have to dig out the video footage of the cubs running along side the enclosure with my boys running alongside them outside the enclosure, so incredibly sweet!

Ahhh look how young Reuben and William are here in October 2014.

July welcomes some new residents to Folly Farm with the arrival of two male red pandas as part of a European Endangered Species Breeding programme.

Bhalu and Bagheera have joined Folly Farm from Liberic Zoo in the Czech Republic and Opole Zoo in Poland. Classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List, they’re carnivores and will be cared for by lion keepers Rosie and Fliss, and are located next to the cusimanse near the entrance to the rhino enclosure, be sure to visit and check them out, they’re super cute!

Tiggy and her brothers trying to spot the new arrivals!

Folly Farm also has a new ride, The Paratrooper and of course we had to check that out, several times! It’s great fun!

Finlay enjoyed the new Paratrooper ride.

No trip to Folly Farm would be the same without visiting the penguins, Tiggy loves them! And let me take a minute to re-assure you that the water in the penguin pool may be looking a little green at the moment but it’s completely normal and all down to the gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having which has brought with it green algae blooms, but as I say, don’t worry they’re not harmful to the penguins.

Green is clean – with sunshine comes algae!

Tiggy and her brother enjoying an after school trip to see the Macaroni penguins which joined Folly Farm at Easter.

You know Tiggy’s a huge fan of Peppa Pig when she insists the tortoise here is called “Tiddles” when he’s actually called Albert and is one of Folly Farm’s oldest residents at around 40!

Baby Pip meets the zebras for the first time.

I know like me and my family you’ll love Folly Farm and with it being the school summer holidays we’ll no doubt be spending a lot of time here, so maybe we’ll see you here!