Twin joy for "World's Cutest Sheep"

Type “World’s Cutest Sheep” into Google and you’ll get pics of the Swiss Valais Blacknose.

We’re lucky enough to have seven of these rare breed sheep at Folly Farm. Some of you may remember Dinky who created a bit of a storm on social media. For those who don’t then this is the perfect chance to share that video, which racked up 100k views on our Facebook channel alone!

Well, we’ve got double the excitement this year as we’ve now welcomed twins! A boy and a girl, taking our flock to nine.

It’s twins! And they’re just too cute.

Just look at them lolloping around the field in this video;

“Dinky is such a popular sheep in the Jolly Barn, even though he’s not that dinky anymore! The breed is so gentle and playful so we’re thrilled to have welcomed two more lambs to the flock. I know they’re going to be a real hit with our visitors this August Bank Holiday weekend.” – Kim Brickell, assistant farm manager

Assistant farm manager Kim with her gorgeous new arrivals. Kim loves her job!

And here they are with their *actual* mum.

Named after the Valais region in Switzerland where they originate, this rare breed is gaining popularity in the UK where they are delighting the crowds at agricultural shows. And it’s not hard to understand why.

Hey sis, apparently we’re the world’s cutest sheep!

The twins are already delighting our visitors in the Jolly Barn but we still need names for this delightful duo!

Kim continued;

“We’re after names for the twins and we thought it would be nice to let our visitors to name our new arrivals. Just hop onto our Facebook page and put some suggestions in the comments box under the competition post. The naming theme is things that can’t be without each other for example, Ying and Yang, Bubble and Squeak, Salt and Pepper… The winner will also win four tickets to come and see the lambs they’ve named. Good luck!”

The Swiss Valais Blacknose. Yes, it has a black nose.

World’s cutest sheep? Well, I’m sure there are a few other breeds that could argue the same. But they’re certainly cute and no-one can argue with that!

Hey bro, do you think the grass is greener on that side?