'Free return visit' offer and Tesco Clubcard vouchers

Looking for a great deal on our day ticket prices? Then look no further.

We understand the need to keep an eye on the pennies.

So, here’s how we’re helping with some special offers and vouchers. You can also save 10% by buying our day entry tickets online.

Special offers terms and conditions

  1. Our ‘free return visit’ offer applies to guests who have purchased either a day ticket at the admission gates (including tickets paid for using Tesco Days Out vouchers) or online from our website and doesn’t apply to guests who have entered as part of a discounted entry group booking.
  2. To get our ‘free return visit’ offer, you need to keep hold of your receipt and get a ticket stamped before you leave, just ask our staff on your way out. We’ll ask you to provide some form of ID when we stamp your ‘free return visit’ ticket. This can be a bank card or driving licence but you must bring this back to the park with you for your return visit.
  3. Our ‘free return visit’ offer is non-transferable, so only the people who originally paid full price can return for half price.
  4. Tesco Clubcard Days Out vouchers can be used as payment for, or towards, our full price day entry tickets only. We can’t give you change if you overpay and they can only be used at the entrance and not to purchase tickets online at the discounted rate.
  5. Electronic vouchers are emailed to you by Tesco once you have converted Clubcard vouchers into Days Out vouchers on the Tesco website, just print out the voucher email and bring it with you.
  6. Tesco tokens can’t be used for our annual passes, group bookings, fairground tokens or in our gift shop or in conjunction with any other other.
  7. We’re sorry but we don’t take part in the Restaurant Rewards scheme so you can’t use your Tesco Restaurant Vouchers to buy food at Folly Farm.